St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer Project Revisited

Oh my, a couple years ago I posted this project; it is still in progress. It's getting there. Here's a sample shot (above). And below, is my original post on it.

Our homeschool year is finally coming to a close. We could all use a much needed break in our routine. I know I have plenty to do now that schooling doesn't monopolize most of the hours in the day. (cleaning?) :)

Our oldest son, Douglas, and his dad are working on this dollhouse for their summer project. Our daughter Jamie is supervising. It's coming along nicely. This particular house is called: The Pierce, and if you follow the LINK you will see several other dollhouses as well. Ours was purchased from a local provider (and for much less)!

For doll and dollhouse lovers, Jamie has a great book simply called: The Dollhouse Book, by Stephanie Finnegan. Click on the title to take at look-see at Amazon.

Any special projects you're embarking on this summer?

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