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St Gabriel Windows
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Wireless Cometh...and other things accomplished

Since I last left off with you, my First Communion class had their big day earlier in May; they are a beautiful class and because this has been a rough year for my family (my son's illness), I was so moved by this class making their sacrament, moreso than in years past. It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed its arrival very much.
Mother's Day was a good day in my home, thanks to my wonderful family.
I am happy to report our candidates for Confirmation have now been confirmed by our wonderful Bishop, R. Daniel Conlon, of the Diocese of Steubenville, as of this last Sunday the 17th. This group included my daughter and it was a HUGE event. 67 candidates, 49 of which were from our parish, and two other smaller groups from two other parishes in our deanery. It was great to see and work with our fine Bishop again, as always, and to serve the families in our parishes. It is always a blessing and joy to help the youth of our parish and see them along, growing in their Faith. God is good.
My son is improving even more; good days mostly, with less bad days cropping up now. We are still asking prayers and still praying deepy and consistently our intercessory novenas for the benefit of his health in mind and body. Meatless Fridays, re-introduced through our wise Bishop, help us remember sacrifice and discipline and offer ourselves to others' needs.
Yes, Wireless cometh to our home this kids are loving it, able to use their laptops to go on line and not be stuck at the home base table top computer. Ahhh.....such luxury....


scmom (Barbara) said...

Prayers for your family, especially your son. It's hard to parent, I'm certain, not knowing when to ignore the behavior and when to intervene. We dealt with acid reflux last year with my high schooler. His has calmed down now also but it was really bad and it's scary stuff. If you ever have to be in Columbus for a while, give me a holler -- I'll come and meet you.

Laptops are fun -- we don't have one but the kids would sure love it if we did. We could go to Panera and play on our computers all day!

Denise said...

Thank you Barb! I appreciate your thoughtful words. Acid reflux is really very miserable as we can now attest to.

Panera's is a yummy place to play on laptops all day :)

take care~