St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

School Days

Our home school is underway, we began yesterday. And what a lovely cooler day to begin school...well, OK, the gas company came and dug up our driveway again...sigh...and it was pretty noisy! That was about the sixth time this summer. What a mess and inconvenience but if they are keeping us safe than I shall not complain :) ..until the next time, which they tell me will be the final and major project of changing around gas lines and relocating our riser.

Mark is taking to "school" like a fish in water. He seems to really enjoy it and wanted it to go on all day...he's just "K" this year, so I'm glad I stocked my shelves with some special items for him to explore while I help with 5th grade and 11th grade.

Michael has a different math this year; we felt it would help with his OCD difficulties to try a workbook format. He seems to like it. He's about a year ahead of himself in math, and the continued rigor of this should accommodate him. I'm glad I didn't go with a computer based math program. He needs things that are portable to keep him busy and he could easily take his math workbook with him to appointments, etc. He also has a fun Latin word puzzle book to accompany his new Latin study of Latina Christiana I. He really loves Latin, and I threw in a "Reader" which he has already nearly attempted to read half of.

Jamie is finishing up a bird project from her Natural Science study of this last semester of her sophomore year. Her new science is Biology; we use Apologia by J. Wile. She seems to be enjoying it. I'm not sure she'll enjoy Spanish/English Medieval History too much...maybe just Richard the III. Otherwise, she is doing Algebra II and Spanish II along with Introduction to the Bible by Fr. John Laux, all of which will keep her busy as well as Karate and piano lessons.

Doug of course is underway with his college studies; so far he is really enjoying his Liberal Arts class and his advisor that is teaching it. Today he begins with his Drawing class and is really looking forward to meeting the instructor and getting started. After having formal art classes for the last eight years, it's good that art is such a big part of his studies each morning this semester.

I have much to do and need to get moving. Have a great day wherever you are!

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