St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Monday, July 29, 2013

Ever changing life…

Things are changing dramatically so this new year.  I’m not sure why, but I’m trusting in God’s plan. 

The weather is changing…..A welcome lovely cooler change.  I love it.  It makes me feel like school shopping!  I love planning school at this time and beginning to pack up reserves in the house for fall ahead.

I have begun my new job and I am working with families helping them with their home education plans and transcripts.  This has been a wonderful boost to me at this time in my life,  a reaffirmation of our own home education choices, hope and fuel for the journey ahead. God has truly blest me, where I have felt nothing but desert desolation for the last five years, due to my son’s acute OCD and anxiety, and then the diagnosis of Autism in my younger son.  For my anxiety ridden son, It has been such a battle, but a battle I have not given up because, of course, he’s my son, and I love him and will persist until he his well. The success of 5 years of mental health care therapy has slowly but surely been taking root in positive results.  I think we might be seeing some light at the end of this difficult and challenging tunnel.  Anyone who has such a child with this kind of disorder understands what I mean.  Keep fighting the fight, don’t give up, even though at times I know you feel like it.

So, this year, this son begins high school.  We pretty much have his entire high school years ahead figured out, and he already knows what he desires to do regarding college. He is so bright, so spiritual, so sensitive and caring, and so good at heart. He is such a good friend to have.  He will turn out to be such a great young man and likely husband to some lucky special girl someday.  We have a special plan for education and formation just for him. Oh how I love home education!   He will not follow the same path of college his older brother and sister have.   Some of what he wants to do will likely be during summer months (summer courses)  and sometimes as an elective during high school  through on line courses (or maybe when older high school, driving to a technical college for a course of two).  But computer graphic design, programming, animation and all that goes with it is what he is looking at.  He’s just going to need to cut to the chase on this one.  His brother and sister before him followed a full liberal arts degree program, but it’s both too overwhelming for him and not necessary for his major.  He is math, science and technologically minded, as well as artistic, so it’s easy to see his path.   And he needs to be VERY involved and active in his school work and activities, per his therapy.  If we learned one thing about OCD/anxiety ridden minds, it’s keep them busy!…not to the point of exhaustion as it will just make the disorder worsen, but to the point of a “full” schedule. 

Things are changing at church also,  all for the better I hope. 

Things are changing in our parish religious ed program, also for the better I hope.  In another week my husband and self will be attending some catechetical formation workshops in the adjacent diocese; I’m looking forward to that.  Our son will be in tow as he has an appointment in the area, so he will have to attend a workshop (one on technology/media use, so he won’t be bored!), and then we will treat him for dinner wherever he likes.  I’m looking forward to that outing.

Things are changing at our local co-op, as it is splintering into a second group to meet the needs of other families involved.

Things are changing in my heart. 

I’m going to be turning to more flesh and blood people.  Truly.  I love my internet friends I’ve met, the very special ones, and you know who you are. And you span the miles!   But I also need a flesh and blood reality, a body of people not  behind social media.  There is a place for it sure.  But I realize I am need spiritual food for the journey that sometimes you can only obtain through a group of physical people.  Yes, I’ve been pretty isolated and home bound for quite some time.  Michael and his therapist and I are working on it.

So, I may just be settling back into my blogging more and celebrating eight years or more on the internet as a casual blogger.    You can always contact me here :)

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