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St Gabriel Windows
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Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Daybook…This & That

It has been a wonderful but busy time in our household the last several weeks.  This, the week following VBS, we have a guest from New Jersey staying with us; a long time friend of our daughter’s, whom she’s known through Catholic Familyland for the last 8 years, so they met as youngsters.  This young man just graduated from his high school in NJ and is planning on attending college nearby where he lives (we tried to talk him into coming here to attend :)   His whole family came and visited with us a couple different times through the last five years here.  He flew in ahead of his family’s travels to Catholic Familyland, to spend time with my family before we take him to Bloomingdale, a hour or so drive from here, to meet up with his family for his week stay there.  It’s been nice to have him here.  They are a wonderful Catholic family.  I am so glad he wanted to come to visit us out of all the places he could have gone! He feels comfortable here and loves our little town. 

So many interesting things have happened in our lives lately.  One I am very proud of regarding my son with anxiety disorder.  He actually rode his bike across town to a friend’s house and went into the house and stayed for about 2 hours playing and visiting  -- WITHOUT ME!  THAT is monumental in his progress.  His therapist was SO THRILLED to hear this, as we have worked for so many years to get him to this kind of point. I hope this is a true breakthrough and he will continue to do something like this again.  We are hoping it will pave the way to my being able to leave him off places, without staying.   We discovered that IF HE is IN CONTROL of the situation himself…he does better.  That is both good and bad of course.  So, we will meet him where he’s at with this, and move on from there.  Overall, it was a very awesome event!!


I am a slight bit worried about my youngest (autistic) son’s health these days.  It’s just never been the same since he had the terrible bout with cryptosporodium.  He gets many colds and his digestion is off.  I don’t know, he seems to have declined and his health had been SO very good before that episode.  I’m still working on his diet and supplements.  Right now he has a croupy cough that no one has here.  I took him to be seen because it seemed to be getting out of hand.  He has a prescription waiting at the drug store.  I really want to get this little guy on a better health regimen and in better shape than this. 

Lastly, I am very much hoping our parish PSR program settles into a nice program this year.  I get the sense that some teachers don’t take it seriously, sadly :(  It needs to be taken seriously, and supported.  I won’t go into details, but there are just things I know that just sadden my heart.  It makes me more grateful for having gotten a recent job with our home school provider, that enables me to talk to serious Catholic families and listen to wonderful support in Christian values and morals, and know that we are absolutely doing the right thing home schooling ~ I am very grateful to have this gift opened up to me at this point in my life of both parish and home education tenure.  I needed a boost like this, and God definitely provided one.   It gets lonely going the unpopular route, but in the end it is so worth it.

Blessed be the name of the Lord+


Chris said...

Great update! I am so proud of your son with, good for him.Forget about having anxiety....I'm proud of a non-anxiety-issues child who'd be able to do that on his own! My 13 yo just started riding his bike around the development and actually leaving to ride the "outside" roads. As for your younger son, I'm so sorry....poor guy. He seems such a kind and gentle soul, too, from his photos.
And yes, I so agree with your last sentiment, even not knowing the details....we are in the midst of traveling a lonely road too, having left our Catholic HS group last Autumn after a shocking display toward my kids of exclusion and competition...and this, from mppl of the Faith who are all about "Let's pray for each other!" (???) Unreal and sad.

But regardless, love rdg your posts!
Be well and enjoy this weekend!!

Home School Mom: Denise said...

Oh Chris, so sorry about whatever happened at your home school group :( gosh, it just angers me because home schooling/schoolers need support so badly at all ages, parents alike. I hate that the groups are sometimes a sampling of society out there :( Home schoolers of all people, should be inclusive and helpful and supporting of one another and the parents of these children need to help their children to do the same!!! ...and not act that way :( Gosh!
We need to pray for eachother for sure. We are trying to live our faith at the grassroots levels and it can be so hard...and model these lives for our children! much love and prayers!! xoxoxo

Chris said...

So your last comment.
Thanks Denise..... I so wish I could gather my blogging/online friends and have ouyr own community in reality and not solely virtually. We are TRUE friends; it;s those many pesky miles that get in the way.