St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Monday, November 04, 2013

November Days

It is beginning to look a lot like November in my neck of the woods.  This was the first Monday in many, many months, we returned home from my son’s anxiety therapy and it was nearly dark out.  We had gone to the appointment, taken grandma to do some Christmas shopping at World Market, eaten at Bob Evans, then headed back home.  It was a productive day.


Whenever we go to the therapist as of late, I realize more and more, so much has changed for us since April 2013.  Somehow, it all began with my son’s regular therapist of nearly 5 years, leaving.  He fared well adjusting to the new therapist and made great strides of progress over the last several months; in fact the last 8 months have been monumental in his progress..something I never thought I’d see…at least for many many more years.  So blessed!  

Then, we received news that my son’s long time psychiatric doctor is retiring.  My heart definitely dropped when I heard this news; this has been the best doctor – he has helped us so much over the years.  Now, we await news on a replacement doctor.


It is also very busy time in our lives right now…we have settled into a fairly good school day pattern, mixed with occasional appointments and my own work at home with phone appointments and data base keeping as I continue my educational consulting work.  It is working out nicely and I am very grateful to have some side work right now.

I have our parish school of religion program to continue to oversee and organize, and outreach through it to youth group and music for the children as well as some other assorted activities.  Right now, I’m working on toddler program during the 10:30 mass, for parents who need a break from the children at church (we are seeing many young couples in need of this lately), as well as a regular pre-school PSR program added to our already 140+ Kindergarten thru high school program.  I’m thinking ages 3-4, if not potty trained, perhaps a parent needs to stay with the child to assist. 

We have the locations, we have the resources, we just need the volunteers to help. 


The other day I was paid the loveliest compliment by an older male parishioner on how grateful he is that myself and my husband do so much for our parishes.  I was taken back by it, not expecting such a kind remark, and am very grateful myself.  I really feel that couples, where they are able, need to reach out and help in church areas.  We are doing what we feel we can for our abilities and talents – serving where we feel best placed and hoping we make a difference.

I’m feeling content amid the changes and busyness, and I think staying spiritual grounded really helps, (if I can pass that tip along ….)

Now, if I could just stop eating all the delicious candies and goodies I feel compelled to indulge in over the autumn and holiday season months! *sigh

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