St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Saturday, November 16, 2013


…and Feliz Navidad.  That’s the kind of Christmas pageant that occurs when you are doing music with 11 prek-3rd boys at your home school co-op ;)  It’s rather amusing that the 4th –6th grade grouping has girls in it, but below that is all boys.  STILL, we are having a great time with 11 active little boys singing their hearts out weekly, with hand motions and antics of all kinds.  They love Willoughby Wallaby Woo, and Baby Beluga and Down by the Bay, among a few…..we have been having a wonderful time and introducing them to singing, signing and performing in a fun way.(Hear Tingalayo here)

So, it’s true, besides, Silent Night, their featured songs for the Christmas party are: Feliz Navidad, and Tingalayo, which I lead them in on guitar. 

More fun than a barrel of monkeys?…Yes!  I believe so.  It really is!  And so close to home this year, a new and different location, so new and growing experiences for my own children.


Also, such wonderful encouragement happening for me in the home schooling arena.  After literally years of home schooling, well, you know, it doesn’t get easier….you just know it better….but with each year different challenges are brought forth.  This is especially so with children of special needs.  How home school and prep looked to my oldest two, will look differently for my next two.  I will strive for the highest standard for them however, but tailor things more to their situations and what they may be looking toward doing with their lives.  Who can know for sure at these young ages ?  Even at age 18-19-20-21…young people often do not really know what path to take, nonetheless if it’s a done deal and they are tracked on it.  Different talents develop into young adulthood, different thoughts and likes and dislikes can shape what they once though they’d like to do….

Really, keeping them whole and healthy and well-educated, exposed to good social situations and well, it is all part of the parent’s job to raise them and help form them with Faith and decency to make right and ethical choices in this world.

I am so proud of my 14 yr old son right now as he has broadened his horizons so much lately.  He has been tutoring a 5th grade math student weekly (and being paid for it – as the mother would not take “no” for an answer) …And he’s been helping once a month at the Salvation Army food pantry in town, all on his own….he asked to do it.   His “girl fan” base is growing since Doctor Who and square dancing….not sure what to make of all the young ladies that are texting, calling and Facebooking him :)…but, it just does my heart good to see and know he can have friends of both genders and be good and respectful to all. His social circles have definitely grown, something I wasn’t sure I’d see due to anxiety disorder.  But, he has made such progress.  Praise God!


I am so BLESSED and so excited to be working with some of the loveliest, kindest, gentle and holy women on the planet right now, by way of Mother of Divine Grace.  It is so true that Laura Berquist in her founding wisdom, was set on sharing a quality classical education path with others, and in doing so, the side-effect is very forming in the mothers using the  program  that teach their children. Real Modg’ers are such lovely broad minded helpful ladies.  They think outside of the box, always putting their Christian charity and faith first.  This program is so good for the mothers and they learn so much.  But, aside this wonderful perk, I am just thrilled to be working among these women, these teachers, consultants, administrators, directors, office personnel,….I can not say enough good about them, and how they lift my spirits and affirm what I have felt and known in my heart and mind.  It certainly warms and fuels my little part of the world, where as a mother of special needs children, it can be very lonely with no one really asking or caring about how you are doing.  I’m quite sure I come across as having it altogether.  Those who really know me, know it is not an easy path.  So praise God when the load is lightened and I can take my experience and share it with other mothers who are new to the program.

For this I am VERY grateful right now as we approach the Thanksgiving season.

And so today I reflect on the past week, the busy-ness, today the tasks at hand, all with a grateful and humble heart, for how God has worked in my life, morphing things here and there….really, all for my benefit.  How great is our God?!

Have a beautiful Saturday and blessed Sunday wherever you may be!


Jennifer Kiko said...

Yes! "Really, keeping them whole and healthy and well-educated, exposed to good social situations and well, it is all part of the parent’s job to raise them and help form them with Faith and decency to make right and ethical choices in this world." Amen.

Home School Mom: Denise said...

Thank you Jennifer. :) It's a tough job, but we have to do it!!