St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Feast of the Holy Innocents

Today marks the remembrance of the innocent children slaughtered at the hands of King Herod in his outrage that the Magi did not return to him with details of the whereabouts of the “newborn king.” Matt 2:16   Evil does not respect life.  And so it is we find ourselves surrounded by a culture of death.

I will not post any of the great and ancient masterpieces depicting the deaths of the children – the Holy Innocents – as I find them ever so difficult to gaze upon.  As a mother I can not bear the thought of the pain the parents of these children endured.  But I will leave you with strong commanding and thoughtful words from Pope Francis, defender of life as given by Almighty God, in commemoration of this day.  Thank God we have a pro-life VOICE rising up above other voices and demanding life be respected.  Our politicians try, yes, but how skeptical we are to listen to them when they seem to be so….political.   If not for a big attention catching Christian voice speaking out all over the globe…..I fear what would become of us all.

Feast of the Holy Innocents: Politicians Who Promote Abortion are the King Herod's of the Hour

CHOOSE LIFE Deut. 30:19

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