St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Monday, December 30, 2013

The Sixth Day of Christmas

Needless to say, I am attempting to enjoy each twelve days of Christmas this year more than ever.  I have taken on so much in 2013, and there have been so many zingers thrown at me to deal with;  I am milking Christmastide for all it’s worth – really in order to gain some recharging of myself so I can strive forward and onward in the new year ahead. 

How do I enjoy it?  To be honest, it doesn’t take much for me.  I am a very easily satisfied person as long as I get to have access to a little quiet time, within the walls of my own home.  For me, it usually means going out for a walk first, breathing in the freshness and generally just using those legs!  Making some excellent tea or fine coffee, and sitting comfortably in my own room, on the bed usually, nestled inside my lovely jacquard satin comforter, and reading a wonderful book or  watching TV or movies that I never got to see several years ago. Right now, it’s “watching”.  Our TV is up front and center in our living room, and I have such restrictions on TV watching, and of course I would never watch anything in front of the children that would disturb them.  I am a big sci-fi fan, selective Doctor Who episodes is about what they can watch in that genre.  But I just started to enjoy Christmas vacation beginning with Season 1 of Fringe, a series I never got to see. It was recommended to me because  I was a huge X-files fan, and when it ended, my TV viewing ended, quite literally. By then I had three children ages, 11, 9 and 3.  I never watched anything else..for many years.  I decided to watch the reboot of Doctor Who, (2005) this last summer just to see if it would give me some diversion… worked.  Now I’m hooked. I can honestly say I haven’t been involved in TV since since 2002!!  So it took me another decade to get on board with something.  I have more recently watched Downton Abbey on PBS, and I like it, but not to the point of obsession. So,  I am enjoying Fringe so far….it will give me many seasons to enjoy as I obviously just don’t enjoy much on TV at all currently.  (I’m watching Fringe on Netflix).

A light snow has fallen here in my area and we will be off later to the big city for appointments.  Did I mention my house is in utter disarray due to the holiday joy spent around the Christmas tree!?  Oh my…I won’t tackle cleaning until after New Years. 

Enjoy this sixth day of Christmas….the Six geese a’laying….marking the six days of Creation.  

God bless ~ Denise

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