St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Monday, December 16, 2013

Gaudete Sunday….Rejoice!

We are nearing the final leg of the Advent Season.  That means Christmas celebrations are in full swing and this is the last week to “get it altogether” before the special day hits!  In a more spiritual sense we are anticipating that renewal and refreshment that can only come from within through the power of God – by inviting Him, having conversation with Him; yes, talking to Him….and remembering He came to us as a little child.  Our God, our Savior….a little child.


Yesterday we lit the Rose colored candle of the Advent wreath, signifying “gaudete”, Latin for: “rejoice”,  marking ever so closer  our spiritual journey toward preparation of the New Born King’s arrival in our hearts and souls.  A visual reminder of our journey, and that we are almost there…..How I love that our Church (universal)  gives us such wonderful spiritual opportunities with each liturgical season to consider ourselves deeply, evaluate, meditate and improve areas of our lives, growing closer in our conversations with God.  Advent is one such time, ,and it does not disappoint.

Yesterday was both a tough day and a beautiful day.  My morning began as usual, as it has for the last 22+ years …..with arising much earlier than the rest of the family, getting myself ready then awaking the others, and heading off to our religious education sessions before church services.  God has a sense of humor, indeed…and a sense of just where I need to be adjusted each year to make it new and interesting!!  This year I have been very challenged by both my own autistic son and his sensory overload and needs…..and another young child in my own classroom who suffers from ADHD quite severely and is off his medication on weekends.  There is such total disruption in the classroom, none that I have ever experienced before in 22 years of teaching.  With 110 hours of certified credit hours behind me…and 22 yrs of “in the trenches” experience, NOTHING prepares you for this! Haha!! To remain “comfortable” and relaxed and rote….uh, no way!  God is doing “something new”…for sure!   I definitely have a lively group!


Mark playing at Grandpa’s after family Christmas dinner get together

Thank God for family, really.  Later we traveled far out of our area and settled in with my husband’s side of the family for a dinner and Christmas celebration with relatives coming from far and wide.  My father-in-law is an amazing 91 year old!….and doing well.  My husband is the “baby” of the family, and all the cousins of my children are WAY older than my children… my youngest ones, of ages 14 and 10, do not have any age mate cousins at all, on either side of our families.  It makes for such an interesting dynamic.  I am so proud of how my children can converse and get along with adults on so many levels. It’s so sweet to see how the older cousins in their mid to late twenties and even thirties interact with their youngest cousins. And….to have a patriarch of the family, a grandfather quite that old, is really an incredible blessing! 


And so this week unfolds with sweet sugary memories of yet another family annual special occasion lingering in our minds and hearts… we push on toward our goal:  the Birth of the Newborn King; Emmanuel, God with Us.

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