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St Gabriel Windows
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Monday, June 09, 2014

A Productive Day in June

Although I’m suffering terribly from my seasonal allergies, today is a glorious day! Why?  Because we have completed our school year, and planned for the next.  This is cause for much celebration!

I can’t believe my 9th grade student has all As!..well, his Fine Arts (on line course) grade isn’t in yet from his teacher, but it’s likely to be an A- at least.  I could not be more thrilled with how this young man accomplished all that work load this year and got an A in the rigorous Algebra (Abeka) course.  The math enrichment teacher at our co-op mentioned how she was tutoring one student in Teaching Textbooks Algebra II, and how her Abeka Algebra I students were actually doing those same Alg II concepts. So, Abeka is tough.  And tough on grades also, as you really get quite a lot marked off of each wrong problem, more so than many other math courses.

So, onward, onward!

Next up: Jacobs Geometry for 10th grade, and we will enroll in the LS (learning support), classes for that through Mother of Divine Grace.  Enrollment for LS classes begins tomorrow, so I’d best be seeing to that.

We will do the next unit of Cambridge Latin Unit 2, which we are definitely looking forward to.  Unit one was Caecilius and his family, living in Pompeii….yes, a sad ending indeed! Unit 2 is when the Romans invade Britannica…or Briton. 

All other courses are the standard Modg 10th grade line up. 

I have a couple decisions to make with my rising 5th grade student who got all As on his assessment this year.  If that doesn’t do my heart good, as his autism spectrum disorder doesn’t seem to hold him back from performing well academically.  

This son really needs a lot of focus on language arts, therapeutically, so oral and written communication is essential for him as well as spectrum children in general that are high functioning, and had speech delays. It must include inferences, as these children tend to take everything quite literally. And they need one on one concentrated sustained work.  It’s slow, but my son is making progress in this area. 

So, normally Intermediate Language Lessons is used again at this stage,(and we use the workbook form) but I’m considering using the 4th grade edition of the Learning Language Arts through Literature book, or perhaps his grade level 5 one.  There isn’t a lot of difference between the two except for the literature used.  The thing is:  I want to get him interested and involved in the literature reading more.  So, the 4th grade lit choices may appeal to him more, but then again the 5th grade ones may also…should I toss a coin?!  And the books are on our shelves, so no problem there.  Modg recommended LLATL many years ago, until Laura Berquist discovered Emma Serl’s gentle grammar lessons, and switched over to her texts for grades 3, 4 and 5.  I know my consultant (and myself, as a consultant), won’t mind my using this older recommended resource for this son.  Grammar is something you need to do with your child, at least for it to be successful, so this is an area I involve myself in with my children no matter what in those younger grades, until around 8th grade/high school; and even then, we do Latin together, which furthers grammar study.

Then my decision between Abeka 5 math or Saxon 65.  I know Mark likes to cut to the chase on math.  I’m considering using Calculadder for some drill work (made fun).  He’s a great math student, and I don’t want that to end.  Abeka is rather diverse and “busy”, and moves at a clip.  He’s definitely needed more time on some concepts, so Saxon 65 may be my switching point. Although “visual” math does help him – the pictures and diagrams in color in Abeka have helped him a lot.  So, I need to pray about this one, and ask my God for a revelation!

I know I’m down to just two children, and have never had to teach more than 3 at a time, with a baby or toddler about…..but I have taught other people’s children in with my bunch for several months at a time, and that has given me a broader perspective of what it’s like to teach more children.  I am so amazed at my Modg families who are doing that every year….teaching 6 to 10 children unending.  God bless them.  What a message and a mission…and a mission with a message!!  I am very impressed.

God bless you with a wonderful day!

Thanks for stopping by ::smiles::

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