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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Rest, peace, loveliness in raising children and educating them….

…..yes, this is not a trick title heading! 

After home educating my own brood for going on the 19th year now, I do have something to say about anxiety and peace, and grace….grace in mothering and educating, which in my opinion are one in the same.

There have only been two books ~ever~ that have impressed and left their mark on me through the years regarding home education.  They are Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum, A Guide to Catholic Home Education (Berquist), and Real Learning: Education in the Heart of the Home, (Foss).

Until, recently, those were the only two books, apart from my bible devotions that have sustained me for literally YEARS in my home schooling life.  But, I can honestly say, I am adding a third keeper to that short list. 

I firmly believe, if you don’t believe in something strongly and nourish that belief continually, you will fall for anything.  And so it is with home education.  Oh, how the grass can seem greener…….but you soon discover that pasture may not actually be suited to your taste either…..and you wander upon many pastures….without peace..

Really, what you need is peace, and a lot can be said for a solid but flexible curriculum (and if you desire, one that will be your school of record with transcript keeping). 

Teaching from Rest, by Sarah Mackenzie, may help you find that peace.  I am just starting to read it myself having downloaded the eBook and I know before it’s ended, I will be adding it to my support books to nourish myself along this journey.

While you’re at it, check out author and blogger Sarah Mackenzie’s lovely blog, you will not be disappointed:

Amongst Lovely Things


Kim said...

I just finished Sarah's book and absolutely loved it. I went whole enchilada and bought the audio companion and companion journal - well worth the money paid in my opinion. :)

Home School Mom: Denise said...

That's awesome Kim! I'm thinking that when I'm going to need this most, is closer to August, when I'm thinking of getting a few friends together to do a little book study/prayer group on it. It's a great book, I might have to get the audio and companion journal also :) God bless!

Jennifer said...

Looks like a wonderful book -- and I can't wait to dive into the blog. Her breakfast & poetry idea sounds like a keeper. Needed something new to read so I'm going for the e-book now! :)

Home School Mom: Denise said...

Jennifer, you will also like Finding Family by Richard Hill. I downloaded it as an eBook too, and oh my goodness -- it's so good. Okay, I know, completely different genre! LOL