St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday Bliss

Where do I begin… wish is to stay comfortably in bed, with my coffee and any of the several good books I’m reading….All. Day. Long.   That would be heaven to me!   It is bright and sunny and inviting out…yes, and two festivals, for which I’m torn between, are in motion ….one right here in town, and the other out of town at my children’s college.  I must go to the college ArtFest as my oldest son has a booth and his art on display, and for sale today.  It’s been a while since I ventured to the campus, and they have redone so much of it, I’m interested to see the new and vast updates.


But not all is bliss on the home front…..unfortunately while I stay snuggled in comfort and wishful thinking… husband stresses every day now since his employer of 37 years passed away (in March).   While the news seemed uplifting at first, (the company was left to my husband and four other employees, and there’s stock, etc.), it couldn’t be more stressful and difficult.  The lone survivor, a cousin, who became executor of the estate and part owner of the business, has made himself president of the company and is making all decisions and going through the money quite quickly.  It’s very heartbreaking and while my husband has spoken to several lawyers, it’s of course, costing us money, without much result of stopping this….no real changes can be made while in probate….and the probate process will take quite a while….at least and year and half, up to two years to be settled.  Can my husband stick it out that long?  Will the company fold before that?  He has another job lined up in that case.  I know his original employer, a very fine business woman, would have never wanted it to end up this way, although her intentions were very good for her small staff:  basically win-win.  Own the company, the shares, and keep it going, be paid, retain your health insurance, etc.   Or, ask to be bought out.   She set it up, so every one would still either be employed or walk away with revenue to help them move on.    But to get to that point…..and will there be much left after this executor has done his damage to the company? 

So, indeed we could use prayers.  We are trying to keep our heads up and be optimistic that it isn’t as bad as we think….but, all the signs are there, a paper trail of written checks, and decisions made, minus the other part-owners of the company. 


On a brighter note, our bible study starts this week, and my husband and I could really use the support and prayer time together and with others.  We have two wonderful birthdays to celebrate, my own youngest son’s, and my mother's!  AND our wedding anniversary, soon arriving……So, hopefully this week will add some cheer to our otherwise stressful lives at the moment!

So, yes……why I would yearn to just stay in the comfort of bed with a good book and a good cup of coffee…..and say some prayers of both gratefulness for all God has blessed us with as a married couple, and in hopefulness of what He has in store for us.

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