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St Gabriel Windows
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Saturday, May 07, 2011

All in a Mother's Day

This sweet little poem was written by my daughter 6 years ago ~ she is now graduating from high school ~ where does the time go?  I wanted to share it again here.  May God bless all the dear mothers near and far! 
Original post:

Among my treasured gifts today, I received this wonderful poem written by my daughter and signed by all her siblings; also included were several beautiful holy cards. Thank you my children!

A Mother's Day Poem for You
Mother's Day is here again,
But I have no money, no gold, or Yen,
to buy you a candle, coffee or sweets,
or fluffy socks to cover your feets.

So I hope this poem will do just as well,
to tell you that it's pretty swell
That you're a great mother, Yes, it's true!
Happy Mother's Day from Me to You!


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Happy Mother's Day!