St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Our Little Corner of the World

Back to our little corner of the world - if only for a while.  Seems that huge world events have taken over everything this last week and weekend.  I'm not turning on the TV this morning, or today for that matter...well, maybe for American Idol later :)  We are finishing up our school, nearly done.... such a minimal amount left in math for both boys, one math test and one chemistry test left for Jamie, then we will wrap up her documentation with Mother of Divine Grace so they can close her out, and issue both her diploma and transcript.  She will have standardized testing next week to satisfy the state requirements and they too will close her out as she moves on to college. And her last piano recital is this weekend as well -- more sniffles and sobs here..... She has been such a delight to school all these years with very little trouble ever, no airs, not much teenager-iness and will continue to be such a blessing to our home when she is home - I'm sure her brothers will be so thrilled when she's home on breaks.  She really does have a fan club :)

And so life is busy in our home. Our college son just completed his sophmore year finishing his last final which was the last final scheduled on campus...last night.  So far, all "A"s are popping up on his grade report, so we are grateful for his hard work and productivity.  He is looking forward to time off, hanging out with his friends a bit, remodeling our attic (into his own bedroom and art studio), and working both as a DJ this summer and his regular job in town at a nearby restaurant.  

Now that the sacrament celebrations I coordinated at our parish are complete, and our religious education program is nearing an end, I can relax a bit too.  There is still plenty to do, but the heaviest part of it is past and I'm looking forward to the piano recital and Mother's Day.  By the way, I received this last weekend: a beautiful Cuisinart Coffee Maker, from  my husband and children, after all the festivities of the weekend at our parish.  Early Mother's Day gift....a nice way to end the events of the weekend and begin a new week.  I always look forward and take great motivation in "beginning again", as I believe our Lord has blessed us with the graces to alway begin again anew.  And so, as I see closure in many areas, it awakens in me, new beginnings in other areas.   

All in all, it has been a very productive educational year for us in this home.  I'm pleased to see how Michael took off reading novel after novel, and right now is reading through Saint living history books, such as Francis and Claire (which he loved), and now St. Anthony (his birthday feast day saint).  Michael is doing algebra and geometry -- and loving it.  Thanks to Abeka Math...which I am sold on to produce good math students; it's a bit advanced, but I choose the program to match the child and this particular child needed the challenge and to be engaged and "move on!"...with math.  He is very intelligent once we get the OCD/anxiety controlled, and it's so wonderful to see him blossoming academically.  Very good year for him.  Many thanks to God on this one!   And Mark is just as delightful and smart as ever -- his Flat Mark is still enjoying many adventures out there, while the real Mark has successfully breezed through first grade - reading on a 6th grade level, getting math like nobody's business.  He's looking forward to a DQ Blizzard when the last few pages of his math book are complete, which is likely this Friday.

Ahhh, so I breathe a sigh of relief and restfulness at the moment.  Now if our skies would just warm up with the lovely SUN that I know is out there somewhere!......Off for one more cup of coffee before I get started with the routine of the day.

May you have a blessed day wherever you are!


scmom (Barbara) said...

Such a beautiful graduate you have!

Megan@TrueDaughter said...

We will all miss your Jamie when she is off to college - I bet her brothers will be lonesome for her!
We are wrapping up here, too, and expect to be completely finished by mid-May or so - so excited after a truly exhausting year. The tutor tells me this morning that Jonah has a remarkable mind for doing math in his head! What a blessing to hear! She says it's rare to be able to pick it up and do it in his head as he is able to do! Wow - I love hearing stuff like this about this kid - he struggles so much, but has done incredibly well this year. Now to get him reading more!
I hope you get to relax a bit this summer, get a good break in, with lots of good health and calm - it's definitely your turn! Blessings, Megan

Home School Mom: Denise said...

Thank you Barbara! I know Megan's been through this before with daughters having several of them, but this is my only and first daughter to send off and...I'm going to need to buy a little female white fluffy puppy or something to give me some girl-company this new school season ahead!
Megan, you have done such an incredible job with school this year with that many children and doing a new program...look how productive and how much was accomplished! Good going! I hope I can enjoy good health and calm too and a lot of sunshine...(and weight loss!) This thyroid thing is starting to frustrate me. I'm thinking of a good different shorter haircut too....:)