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St Gabriel Windows
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Home School (designer) Wish List


While we follow Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum pretty much as a rule in this house, and have been enrolled with the program the book outlines, (Modg) I still have other resources I look at and consider that land on my home school wish list.  One such source is: Veritas Press.  We definitely believe in and follow a classical education as we feel it serves many purposes in both formation and information, one such purpose is that this course of studies is excellent preparation for college level work.  As we send another child of to a liberal arts college to continue the classical education we began at home, we look at several factors that went into the recipe of home education.  I personally evaluate what we are doing and using, and what changes could occur, and what needs to happen for each individual child.  A beautiful thing about home education – it can be designed for each individual child’s uniqueness.  And I don’t know about your children, but mine are definitely unique!   I have smart, smarter, smarty pants and out-smarter …..lining up the ranks here :)

A few picks on my wish list in addition to our regular course of studies include: 

The Milly Molly Mandy  storybook with guide book.  I think our youngest son would greatly enjoy this as he is the one that needs more each day and finished his 342 page math book early this year!  He loved the Five In A Row system – and he’s far outgrown that already. So I think I will need to design a literature program for him for the new year ahead.  I also have Pinocchio with guide book, and Winnie-the-Pooh lined up for literature enrichment as well.

I’m also looking a the Encyclopedia Brown series for him to read – he is 7 yrs old and reads on a 6th grade level, with comprehension at the end of 2nd grade level. 

We’ll continue to use the States & Capitals songs; if I can find the cassette tape again….hmmm….or might have to re-order!  If I do, I may opt for the DVD as this autistic son benefits greatly from visual and auditory at the same time.  Maybe God does have a plan!!

Kidnapped! by Robert Louis Stevenson would be good for an extra read for my seventh grade son.  Just thinking out loud here!  He is reading all the Vision Saint books currently – one after another – and the Bethlehem book series next: the Letzenstein Chronicles.

I would like to make Latin more fun and enjoyable and have more support for myself as the instructor, so I’m looking at different Latin programs for the older levels of school.  I’m fine with the Memoria Press Latins, until high school hits, then I will not use Henle Latin again.  Sorry :( …..I’m looking at Wheelock’s Latin  and considering Elementary Algebra by Jacobs, to make both of those subjects more palatable for my son, possibly for 8th grade, (planning ahead as he’ll be 7th grade this year).  Planning ahead is important…laying the formation and foundation now for the next year’s work.



Megan@TrueDaughter said...

You are so good. Wanna homeschool my kids? I don't even want to THINK about next year yet. This is the stuff that makes me sad, guilty, etc. I WANT to plan and do all these things, but I don't - so we have opted to go with k-12, because they are at least getting a super solid foundation, and their lit and history is excellent - but it is not supremely excellent, as many of these things are. Of course, I could add in the things I want, but when they do so much already, it is hard to ask kids for more. The little saints books, they read happily. Esp. Jenna and Kolbe. Jonah - very hard to get him to read anything. Hoping for a better year next year, though!
You are doing so great - and maybe next year will feel a little lighter for you, since you will only have 2 students? I hope so, for your sake.

Home School Mom: Denise said...

I think YOU are so good! You snatched everybody up this year and got them in gear and look how much excellent progress you've done! It's so great - and K12 is a very solid program of traditional and classical learning with good lit and history. If I wasn't doing what I'm doing, I'd be doing what you're doing! Seriously, I'm just a creature of habit and have used Modg from the beginning as DYOCC book was the first home schooling book with both information and resources grade by grade that I read, that made sense to me - thus a fan was born :) Interestingly, here in Minerva now -- children being home schooled can participate in sports -- they have to do at least one class at the school location and one on line and they are eligible to participate in sports (and maybe other's all so new, I'm not sure). Interesting eh? It was the local home school - some of the leadership team that met with the superintendent and others and got it going -- it's spreading throughout many districts -- so there ya go -- it's to us now!
Keep doing what you're doing -- you are doing a great job! :)