St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Busy Days in May…

What’s been happening lately in my little corner of the world?  Almost too much to post….but I’ll give it a try….

Preparation for VBS in our parish – it’s in the beginning stages, now that our PSR program is finished for the summer…..and First Communion and Confirmation both have been accomplished….getting ready also for a graduation mass in honor of our parish graduates, including my own daughter…Just makes me realize more and more how our church is the hub of which our existence and milestones of life occur…..and are blessed ….within a wonderful parish community…..We have been at our parish for 25 years now…having met there, married there, and had four children baptized there…

A bridal shower….for my soon to be niece….it was all very lovely and we played more bridal shower games then I have ever played at any shower so far in my entire life of going to showers….fun fun fun…really, it was.  My daughter and I enjoyed it thoroughly, all the way to the sun-dried tomato bread sandwiches…turkey, bacon, tomato….wonderful food and company and a lovely bride to be…very excited for the June wedding….but, had to leave a little early before the shower ended…to attend….

…a home school student’s graduation party, a close childhood friend of my daughter, who graduated from her home school a year early and will be off to college this Fall….Another wonderful milestone of celebration….as I spoke to an old friend at the party I was declaring my inner most thoughts of where I stand with home schooling entirely through 12 years…..that I am just happy I can do it at all and get them into college….it’s just the frosting on the cake to have them accepted into a strong academic college…my other inner most thought: if institutions of truly good Catholic higher-education were more affordable we'd utilize them, but right now, it's not affordable or sensible for us or our children who will, in the end, be paying those bills....

Soon, our own daughter’s graduation party…..still preparing for it and anticipating another birthday – a few days after the party, for our soon to be 12 year old son.  He is the one that suffers from OCD/anxiety, and while he has been doing somewhat better in some areas, leaving him with grandma or an older sibling is still very trying on him – he frets, cries and generally is very upset with overwhelming separation anxiety – we still go to therapy sessions regularly to combat this and I hope and pray in time it will improve. 

Getting ready to set up language therapy sessions for our autistic son, who has done very well this year overall in both schooling and social settings, but is still a work in progress……summer therapy sessions are my goal, as I already spend time throughout the year with his older brother and his therapy...I can only spread myself so thin in covering their I attempt to balance it and keep my sanity :)

…and finally, hoping to get the attic completely remodeled, another bedroom on the second floor made into the master bedroom, and cleaning/clearing the basement as well as organizing home school bookshelves (again)….in preparation for the new year ahead…..AND, hoping for a little summer sun and surf and relaxation….snatches of it in between the different kind of busy-ness this household will be involved in…..

May God bless you with a warm and wonderful summer!

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