St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How I spent my summer vacation...

...mostly outdoors. It's been the first time in years I've been outdoors as much as I have been this summer. My younger one wanted to do so much outside, and that was great, but he needed a little looking over. This caused me to meet my neighbors daily outdoors, talk with them for many hours, and share my POPZ popcorn with them:) It has been a good summer. Not as stressful as a few past summers. I am very grateful for that.

When I have been indoors, I have been working on our schooling area; primarily the area for the two younger ones. I re-did our enclosed front porch and turned half of it into a comfy library type area, with big throw pillows and lined baskets filled with good literature, religious books, science items and math manipulatives. Our new world globe, soon to arrive, will also be in this area (and two smaller globes, one a world one, and one a constellation sphere will be on our dining room table for geography help).

I think I have all the curriculum orders completed, and am just awaiting every last items' arrival. I am excited to be teaching 5th grade, kindergarten and eleventh grade. They seem like a stretch, don't they?...but this is what God has given me in the dynamics of our family. My oldest will begin college the last Monday of this month! I can't believe it. Then again, I have one of the younger families out of those in my age group. I need to eat my Wheaties, take my Stresstabs and "take good care of myself"....I have a long ways to go.

Happy end of summer thoughts and activities...savor every last drop of Sunlight and warm breezes...

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