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St Gabriel Windows
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feeling better Naturally; Nfp, menopause & progesterone cream

Catholics are working overtime lately, there is no doubt.  From healthcare to the secular music industry….to politics in general, assaults and insults are everywhere when it comes to the Catholic faith.  And other Christians expect and hope for a Catholic response. If the Catholic organizations don’t speak out, not many will, or are heard when they attempt to do so. 

So, I have a lot of Catholic thinking in my  mind these days :) and as a Catholic mother who practiced and preached NFP for all her married years, and married later in her child bearing years…(but enjoyed at least ten good fertility bearing years, and four children thriving on earth since)…I feel compelled to just mention briefly, the benefits of not only Natural Family Planning….and the freedom and beauty of openness to life it provides, but other natural helps toward fertility and fertility’s end.  The end, is where I am at; just recently being told I am post menopause.  It has been a rough three and half years…but nearing the end has brought some relief, and a lot of reflection on my behalf, but also some side effects so to speak. 

Just “knowing your body” by having tracked it, charted it and learned it’s signs for  at least a  decade or more, is a wonderful gift and extraordinary insight for when your fertility, also a gift, is beginning to wind down.

I recently recalled a product that I just now began to use and it has brought me relief from the bloating and irritable feeling as well as head achy mode I seem to have been encountering with menopause; including the extra weight gain….sigh…. So, if you ever need a natural helper, I think this product along with good vitamin support will work wonders.  So many women who abide by NFP utilize this progesterone cream formula by Dr. John Lee.  I urge you to check it out if you are in that place in your life and need some extra support.


God bless!

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