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St Gabriel Windows
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Friday, June 01, 2012

Another one bites the dust…?

I’ve boycotted everything from General Mills to shoes made in China and many things in between.  And even as much as I enjoy a cup of coffee from a Starbucks coffee bar in a Target store after a long stressful drive and therapy session for my son(s)  I’ve even boycotted Starbucks in the past due to its revenue  given to groups whose values I do not support, AND because I was so very upset when I saw Austin Powers (2nd movie) while staying in the hospital after having my third child.  Starbucks was featured in the movie and the entire plot of the movie was deplorable – I was horrified to realize children had seen this movie as it is really disgustingly all about immoral sex. I saw kids come to my door the Halloween before in Austin Powers costumes. Well, that whole thing turned me off to Starbucks for quite some time. I mean really, indoctrinating young people with that garbage.  It’s only been recently I lifted my ban somewhat on treating myself to a coffee again; I don’t do it much however.  This stigma is always in the back of  my mind…unfortunately.

So now Target (one of my favorite stores on the planet) is apparently selling (in at least one of their stores) t-shirts to benefit gay marriage rights.  See this link.  My first gut feeling is …dang…another one. Say it isn’t so!  I can’t tell you how many products and places I’ve stopped supporting through the years because of “agendas” and special interest groups.  And really, I just feel very committed to supporting traditional marriage as this nation and the world at large has known it.  I feel committed to support pro-life and organizations funding it, and I feel committed to not overdo it with all the go-green when jobs or other things like “humans” come first, not the spotted owl. Sorry…but I do believe in preservation but not when you can’t see the forest through the trees… pun intended. 

If I had just a husband and one child, or maybe two children, or the statistical 2.5 children…maybe I could afford to make purchases of Birkenstock shoes made in Germany and not in China where there is an anti-life one-child policy in place  ….maybe I could afford to spend a little more on clothes made in just America or another European country that respects human rights; maybe I could afford organic food and support smaller family owned stores and their own wares and meats and produces and bakery items ….but reality is that Christians who are open to life and have more children, are being very suppressed and persecuted not only in their value systems, but all the way into their wallets.  When resources we depend on like electricity and gas…and water/sewer are pricing us out of our budgets…it’s pretty horrible out there.  Nothing is family friendly, it seems, anymore.  Nothing.  Ok, maybe something is…somewhere..and I’m sure you could name a few things, places, restaurants…organizations. The Church is usually family friendly…to a point….ah, huh, to a point.  Who doesn’t get glared at for having above the statistical 2.5 children in this day and age?  …because why? we’re using up all the resources – because we are not sensible or good stewards of the resources that are being priced out of this world these days.  Mad Max Thunderdome isn’t seemingly too far off any more…..

Well, I could go on and on…my point is, where does it end?  I read other blogs of women using fair trade items, being very conscientious about where they make purchases, and raising a lot of their own foods. They are set up for that kind of life style.  I guess I am not at this point, so I do the best I can.  I think God would waive my needing to buy something to benefit my family’s well being if that something gives a percentage of money to something that isn’t a Christian value.  I know we Christians are called to be courageous, and heroic, and in these times we need to be for the fact of anti-values everywhere we turn, in the media, in our books, in our theaters, in our stores, in our products and clothing, our resources, and even in our healthcare. 

We have many tough choices to make and I know God is watching and blessing us and helping us make those choices the best we can given our circumstances.


Megan@TrueDaughter said...

It's constant, isn't it? It drives me crazy, and I drive everyone around me crazy when I won't shop here or there, or won't buy certain products. I have to do what I can, which isn't much. But, NOW, my favorite place in the world, Olive Garden, I have found, gives $$$ to Planned Parenthood. I have written the letter, and we will not go back until they stop funding PP. It stinks, but it's all I can do. So, so hard to keep up with it all. Frustrating,

Home School Mom: Denise said...

The Olive Garden!..say it ain't so!..*sigh* wow, I guess it should just not surprise me. They really think they are doing good for "family planning services" for people, it's just how totally indoctrinated this country and their businesses have become since PP has pushed their agenda.

It is very frustrating!!!