St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A weary week…

Hurricane Sandy has been sending us high winds and lots of rain….rain is still coming down and apparently will be for several more days.  We have our Aunt Ida’s funeral on Thursday a.m. and I hope it isn’t too muddy at St. Francis cemetery.  God bless this last sibling to pass away of my father in law.  Who knew he would be the sole survivor of his three brothers and four sisters?  He just turned 90, and we had a wonderful celebration of family and history-heritage with him, and this sister was 91 in a half, so he was close to her. And how amazing, she too had four sons and four daughters, just like the family she was born into. Well, this indeed is turning into a very difficult week.  Strangely or maybe providentially, it will end Saturday with a visit from our new Bishop at our 6 pm mass.  We have a reception prepared and a couple songs our parish children will sing for the Bishop.  I’m looking forward to meeting him, but anticipating what a busy week and weekend it will have been.  There is no doubt I put my heart and soul into our parish life, and for the sake of the children and families there, and I’ll be honest, there are many times that I really feel it’s time to leave.  This last weekend was one of them.  This year in particular has gotten off to a rocky start. 

Still, I know the ole’ devil tests me in fire on occasion and I’m sure this is one of them. 

Friday morning, I will be chatting with my Mother of Divine Grace teacher reviewer and I know that will help boost my morale and encourage me further that I am doing the right thing for my children and for my family, in both my work at home and at church. We have completed a good quarter’s worth the work and I am seeing such good progress.  I am glad to be using the science more thoroughly (activity book, tests, etc.) with my third grader  as he enjoys science so much and likes the worksheets.  And we are doing the History more thoroughly also…and following the nicely laid out lesson plan to move slowly, deeply and consistently through to help with comprehension; mastery.  Not just moving through it to “get it done,” but doing it to really learn the material.

All in all, it’s been a fast and furious fall with many ups and downs.  I guess I better buckle in a little tighter for the ride ahead!

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