St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Monday, October 01, 2012

behold..I am doing a new thing…

…Change.  There’s a word that often strikes anxiousness in those who hear it, anticipate, must face it.

But when I turn to scripture I notice that change is of God.  One such scripture verse that stands out to me, as well as brings me deep peace, is Isaiah 43:19


“Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?”

I do perceive it.  I love this verse.  It has never grown old to my ears when this cycle of readings come through again and again through the years.  It brings me refreshment and hope.  The whole passage is beautiful; take time to read it.

And so it is with how “change” a “new thing"  has occurred very recently in my very small life in a very small town in the vast world.  In my church, in my neighborhood and even in my family.  Change.  Lots of it. 

But when I look at “change” as a “new thing” ..springing forth…from our God, it takes on an entirely new and acceptable meaning.  I embrace it.  And if you haven’t thought about it much before, I hope for you to take it to heart and embrace it as well.

So, while new responsibilities have fallen to me at our parish, and our neighborhood is changing with some moving out and some new moving in, and my family dynamic is changing nearly every six months now it seems….all these things can make me very, very anxious.  But how relieved and at peace I am to see that God is in control and I have nothing to stress about and everything to be grateful for. 

Change.  Embrace it.  Know your God is bringing forth newness that is good and of God. It is springing forth…whether you see it in your life, or not at this point.  It is there.  It always was.  And will continue to be.

God bless!

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