St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
Photocopy c. 2013 Jamie Laubacher

Monday, October 22, 2012

Simple day in the life….

Seriously a beautiful day here in NE Ohio….70 degrees…clear, with lots of leaves and colors everywhere.  So lovely.

For us it’s beautiful but it is also just another day in our lives of homeschooling.  We put in a good day of it and I am ever so pleased with how the kids are doing with their work.  Just dedicating one year – at least 6 months of concentrated effort on one child, really pays off in long dividends.  I’m so glad I put in the hard work early in their lives and got them to grade level and beyond work in the latter years of grade school.  In our home, as I look back now, it’s been all about school and mom being there.  I look at even our parish school and think how many years (this marks the 20th for me) I’ve been teaching the 2nd grade class, and how I’ve prepared all my children for the sacraments both at home and at church.  And I’m committed to being there at our parish program for many more years.  When I look back someday, I’m sure it will be such a large part of my life to realize I was there for likely 25-30 years both with home education and religious ed. 

So today, we did our school….and I began to thoroughly clean and help along my daughter-at-college’s room. The room is clean and tidy, but I needed to retouch some woodwork, get a new lampshade for a lamp, and just fresh and brighten it up a bit.  She is a good girl with keeping things in order, and I wish I could give her an even more beautiful room because she is such a selfless uncomplaining young lady….but I’m doing what I can.

The rest of the house…….yes, a bit of a mess!

It’s okay because most of my time today was spent with children and school….some things have to wait. 

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