St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Baptizing Lent with Edifying media

It’s been the fastest Lent I’ve experienced for quite some time.  As I’m attempting to cling to every sacrificial moment of it, there have definitely been some highlights and revelations I can take to heart for years to come.

Dougray Scott as Moses

In Lent I have always tried to do more edifying reading and movie/TV viewing.  No, I wouldn’t count Downton Abbey has my more edifying viewing…however, there is much to be said about moral character development in that series!!…they do lean towards the Christian standard thank goodness, even with some of the more controversial events.  I try to be an example to my children so they too will want to involve themselves in good quality literature, devotional reading and movie viewing. Parents do need to lead the way.  I love to pass on a good  movie pick to my oldest kids and lately those picks have been There Be Dragons, and October Baby – both set in very different times, but with very pro-life messages.  Bring your box of tissues with you!!  (I saw both on Netflix)  I have special devotion to St. Josemaria Escriva, (There Be Dragons), and who can pass up an action packed movie with actor Dougray Scott??  Oh my goodness, he was the BEST Moses I’ve ever seen in the Hallmark version of the Ten Commandments. (sorry Charlton Heston!)There Be Dragons had me on the edge of my seat the whole time.  Truly amazing.

I have read a few good books this Lent, but the most monumental one I have encouraged others to read is “If Aristotle’s Kid had an Ipod”. It is written with such excellence and so wise and sound, I can just not say enough good about it.  I am very grateful another friend of mine loaned it to me through her Nook eReader, to my Nook.  What fun that’s been, and what a great thing to share edifying resources that will enrich us as mothers raising our children in very challenging technology ridden times.  Aristotle would said that was great use of technology on our behalves :) 

Taize Blessings

Lastly, I was able to attend our parishes’ Taize prayer service Sunday evening.  What a beautiful contemplative service.  The music is it’s own special music just for Taize, and the Icons displayed with all the candle lights was SO extremely relaxing and moving.  After reading the Aristotle book above ^ I value how much more we need to provide QUIET contemplative time for our children, especially in larger families where silence isn’t usually found.  This prayer service was so perfect for us, for me, if I may be so selfish to say so!!!  We were fortunate and amazed that a very young woman with an fabulous trained voice sang for it, having gotten her from another area, as none of our regular cantors were available. She was SO good.  And it was the first time she had sung the music!  What a blessing to have taken the family to indulge in some much needed family prayer time together.  If you have Taize going on in your area, I suggest you make an attempt to attend a service.

Jesus remember me when you come into your kingdom;

Jesus remember me when you come into your kingdom……..

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Chris said...

great recommendations, Denise, thank you!

We say Oct Baby on the bus trip to DC for The arch and loved it. I had forgotten to reserve it from the lib for us to watch again....As for Dragons, I'd heard it was wonderful and we never got around to watching it.I res'd that too just now at my lib site.
We usually watch the classic 10 Com movie on Holy Thus after mass! Then Good Fri we go to the Stations..this year Timmy is one of the ( many) singer in the youth choir and Kev is acting in the living stations with the 7th grade kids. Let's just hope we all get over this illness. The boys have bronchitis and I 'just' have the good old much for the flu shot. ( ! )
Thx Denise, for the tips.
Have a great day, friend