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Monday, March 04, 2013

Liebster Award Nomination

My blogging friend Chris has nominated me for this awesome award, so I am very honored!  But there is a bit of work to be done to accomplish this…I’m not sure I have all my ducks in a row…but I will give it a try!

Liebster is German for:  “sweetest” “kindest”, “nicest”, “dearest”, “beloved”, “valued” “endearing” and “welcoming”…..phew!….that’s a lot of nice words there! 

The award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.

And there are questions to answer…and others to suggest for nomination, so let’s get to work!

Rules for the Liebster Award:

1. List 11 things about yourself

2.  Answer the questions the nominator has posed for you

3.  Nominate 11 up and coming bloggers with less than 200 followers

4.  Create 11 questions to ask the nominees

5. Go to the page of each nominee and tell her about the award.


And so, let’s begin!

1.  11 things about me:  I was born in San Diego, I was born with a dislocated hip, I have played guitar for over 30+ years, I love coffee, I use to smoke!, I have a crowned tooth with a music note etched on it, I love witch hazel and use it everyday on my face, I auditioned for Mattel toy commercials when I was a child,  I lived in Arizona for a year, I lived in Utah for 14 years,  I watched every X-files episode ever made.

Answers to Questions from Nominator Chris of Campfires and Cleats:

I grew up in southern California

I loved Salt Lake City when we lived there.  I would love to live there forever.

My favorite book hands-down is The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster, ever since I first heard it read aloud in 5th grade.

My favorite movie is The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton most certainly inspires me; she was a mother before she was a foundress of a religious order.

My hobby would be cross stitching, although I have little time for it at this point in my life.

I began my blog out of a spiritual expression need.  To fulfill for myself and give to others.

My fairy tale wedding would be the one I had :)   I wouldn’t have changed a thing!


If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be Harrison Ford…no wait…Paul Newman….LOL

Louisa May Alcott …although I adore Jane Austen too…oh please, don’t make me choose :)

My idea of a relaxing dinner with the family is just about anywhere…but Bob Evans, the Olive Garden, or K of C suits us fine!  Eating is relaxation to us!

OKAY, MY NOMINATIONS:  (I will be plugging them in here shortly…stay tuned….)


Annette at: Nettie’s World

Megan at: True Daughter of Mary

Barbara at:  Praying for Grace

Krystin at: My Clones in Action

John at: Never Give Up

Laura at: Homeschooling with Joy

Margot at: Bliss on the Hill

Monica at:  Equipping Catholic Families

Marc at: Evangelizing Catechesis

Kelly at: Musings on Film

Maria at: Four Blessings Academy

11 Fun Questions:

1. What's your favorite color?
2.  What's your favorite cheap product?
3.  Your favorite devotion?
4. Your favorite Saint?
5.  What Season are you?
6. What number sibling are you? or only?
7. Were you a convert or cradle?
8.  If you could get to any place in the world easily, where would it be?
9. What's your favorite flash back cartoon?
10. Were you baptized as a baby, child or adult?
11. Are you steak or chicken?

Nominees read the rules way above!  Good luck and God bless!+


Chris said...

Oh my gosh, how fun!
I LOVE your replies... (I know, it's quite a bit of "work," replying to all the Liebster stuff! ) I loved nominating terrific blogs, but felt like I was piling even more on your to-do lists!

Love your wedding pic. Oh my, it is lovely! You are such a great the tux and gown!

Learning so much about you was a treat tonight, you CA girl, you....such fun stuff. (From a dull Queens girl!!) LOL

And Harrison Ford/Paul Mac? Love the picks.

We have the Phan TB on our shelves but have not read it in some time.... thx for the reminder; I'll be pulling it off the shelf soon to reread with them!

And hey, since you're Whoian and into the X Files, I think that should be my fam's next video series pick! (Altho hubby is not into DW so I don't know if I can get him into XF...)

Thanks for the ton of fun tonight! You've no idea how much this perked me up. I STILL have a couple of crates of Christmas stuff to be carefully packed away in bubblewrap (pathetic, right) and in the same spare room ( we call it the loft) I have 3 (THREE) bookshelves collapse this afternoon...what a holy mess. Isn't it a bit scary to sometimes look at what needs to get done and realized that it;s ALL on you? But, deep breath and a little at a time. Mainly with God's help. B/c we can;t do it alone. Reading your post SO perked me up and put a smile on my face...You made me take a step back and say....All this hoopla is really not will get done eventually....
So thanks for being such a dear, fun and wise friend.

Love ya

Home School Mom: Denise said...

HUGS Chris! Hey, we all have a holy mess somewhere in our house :) lol! Some just don't admit it! I took the Christmas wreath off the front door in February...and it went bare until a couple days ago....we just have SO MUCH to do with homeschooling and our lively lives. Would we want it any other way? Naww...I think we will appreciate retirement more this way!
I will be getting to my nominees when I get the chance..but just had to get this out there!
Much love + blessings,
p.s. I'm editing the "crown", to add, "tooth"; I have a tooth that is crowned, and the crown has a music note etched in it ala' my artistic dentist :) LOL

Chris said...

Very cute dental story.
And thanks for the encouragement.


Maria said...

Phew! That was tougher than I thought! I finally got mine posted this morning. Thanks again for the tag!

Home School Mom: Denise said...

Awesome! Good for you Maria! I know, it is a bit of work, isn't it!? LOL Well, it keeps us busy, right!? thanks so much, God bless+