St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
Photocopy c. 2013 Jamie Laubacher

Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring is in the air, in our schooling, in our hearts…

Ahhhh…..indeed, SPRING is trying so hard to break through here in northeastern Ohio.  Our forecast says, 1-3 inches of snow…..yes, we are not quite there yet with sunny days….but the birds are singing each morning in full force…so Spring is hiding out there…. little tulip leaves pushing through the ground here and there….ah yes, it’s really there just waiting to emerge.

It’s wonderful to embrace the seasons.  My two oldest children are home from college on spring break.  My oldest son is preparing to graduate from college in May; he only has about a month of school left.  Unbelievable!  Where did that four years go?!

Like I told my Mother of Divine Grace Moms Facebook page this morning, ….My highs this week, despite having two college students home on spring break (which is nice really), is that we have gotten all our regular school done..including my Modg consultation and Mike's LS class and made it to our local home school co-op. Lows this week,...just realizing the immense responsibility of it all ...mixed with joy and fears. That's honest. We are looking forward to Holy Week...we usually take off from school -- bake Easter breads and other food prep, go to last minute confessions, stations of the cross, attend the Triduum. I can't believe it's almost here.

Life just keeps moving, that’s the bottom line.  You either move with it, or get pushed along with it!  But we are made for Happiness; mixed with true friendship and the virtues, happiness we will find.  My Aristotlean tip for the week :)

May God bless you this Friday of Lent….stay strong in your right choices, and forgive yourself for the bad ones….move on.  Embrace a new way and new Life in Christ.


Lisa said...

I just LOVE this post! It is honest, encouraging and made my heart smile. I hope you are enjoying your children being home and that you have a wonderful weekend. God bless, Lisa

Home School Mom: Denise said...

Thank you so much Lisa! Have a wonderful weekend!