St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Friday, September 20, 2013

Beautiful Autumn is in the air

I love autumn as it arrives. It always seems like a new beginning.  And this autumn, this new school season, is so welcome and so comforting and liberating at the same time for me this year. 

It’s a time of many changes that have taken place.  A new co-op, more local, closer than the last one we’ve participated in for many years.  Some new PSR teachers, which is quite wonderful; I love to get new people on board, sharing faith with our parish children, including my own children.  I think it’s important that our children recognize that while family is the primary vehicle of evangelization, there are many, many other faithful, faith-living-loving others out there.  I like my children to know them, as well as their peer mates in the faith.

This year my husband and I begin a new venture together at the parish level, a Bible Study Prayer Group.  I’ve mentioned before we are using the Liguori Catholic Bible Study series, which I am very excited about.  We are doing things the old fashioned way sans media…this means, “reading”, and “writing notes” and “praying together”, without technology.  It will be human-driven, not technology driven.  Imagine that!

This is my most beloved bible given to me by our pastor seven years ago and signed inside by him.  It will be perfect for me to tote back and forth to bible study.  I have purchased a lovely (“mom”) cover for it, as pictured below.  And I loved the cover so much, I purchased a lovely tote to match it!  That way, I’ll have something to haul my items in, both for bible study and co-op

How precious to me are Your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them! -Psalm 139:17

The tote reads:  Mother’s Love:

A Mother's love does many things. It gives us roots and gives us wings.

A mother's love when first we're born, makes us secure and keeps us warm. She feeds and clothes us through the years, she cheers us on and wipes our tears. Her wisdom and her faith impart integrity within our hearts.
This love of hers knows what is best. She keeps us safe within the nest. But when it's time she somehow knows.and bravely, prayerfully lets us go. Her love goes with us and will be within our hearts eternally.
God bless you Mom.


Cay Gibson said...

I use that same Bible, Denise. :-)

Home School Mom: Denise said...

Great minds Cay! this case, you and my pastor :) It is a very nice bible - wonderful for a women with thoughtful meditations and essays. Love it.
Thanks for visiting!