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St Gabriel Windows
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Friday, September 05, 2014

Friday Daybook

On this lovely feast day of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta (Mother Teresa), we find ourselves nearing the end of two weeks of home school.  It has been a rush, to say to the least, but sweet as sweet can be.  I am very grateful for the freedom in this country to keep my children home and educate them in the manner we as parents see suitable; especially as I see the world around us suffering from violence and hatred and war, and huge groups of Christians displaced as refugees.  May our own Mother Teresa intercede before the throne of God for peace and healing to these nations.

So, yes, our home school is moving along – we had our first co-op day yesterday and it was very nice indeed.  I have the privilege of teaching two beautiful twin girls guitar this year (picking up where their former teacher left off).  They are seniors, entirely home schooled and their mother wished for them to continue with their guitar this year before heading off to colleges.  All I can do is make them rock stars, or country maybe  :)  Ha ha…I am terrible at music theory anymore, especially since my eye sight is so bad, so I’m teaching them every strum and pick on the planet, tips and tricks and many many new pop songs, gospel songs, traditional and seasonal. 

So, our actual courses are looking like this:

Sophomore Son’s line-up:

Religion 10 (Sacraments & Apologetics)

Ancient History & Geography with integrated Ancient Literature

Ancient Literature

Jacob’s Geometry (on line class w/LS through Mother of Divine Grace)

Physical Science (BJU high school text, through home school co-op)

Natural History (Science)

Mod Design 1 (programming with Java – on line course)

Cambridge Latin Unit 2

ACT Test Prep (through our co-op)


Religion 5 (Faith & Life: Credo)

Saxon Math 65 (w/Adaptation workbook)

Learning Language Arts through Literature (Purple Book) this is great for this son as it is encouraging him to read literature.

Science Concepts & Challenges in Earth Science

Science 4-6th, also at our Co-op

American Sign Language (Co-op)

US History & Geography (& Literature)

Latina Christiana 1

New American Cursive

Fine Arts / Music

We have a full year indeed, but this is all I do.  Educate my children, help at our church educating the children, consult to other families educating their children and participate in our local home school co-op for the sake of educating the children.  Yes, this is all I do!

God bless you with all you need today!


Jennifer said...

That is all you do ... and it is blessed indeed!

Chris said...

Great daybook, friend!!

Love stopping by!
See you soon!

Have a great day!

Home School Mom: Denise said...

Thanks you two! God bless!