St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Last Day of Summer…

Oh, how I dread seeing that in print!  How I long for more summer…but I will say this month, this very transitional month has been very lovely indeed, peaceful, and beautiful.  The September air is so fresh and fragrant, and how I love to be out in nature with my children.  The beginning of our home school venture, 19 years ago, began with a Charlotte Mason bend to it, and that has never left us.  I believe children do best with plenty of out doors, exploring and exercise, authentic literature whenever possible and true education, (versus trendy), classical education integrated fully with the teachings of Christianity.  I have found that wonderful blend of Charlotte Mason, true education and classicism with Mother of Divine Grace.  It is brilliant and provides a quality classical education in the home, as well as accountability and an accredited transcript.  Even more excellence: Modg has their own chapter of the National Honor Society for which one of my children is eligible with his 4.0 GPA.  We are very excited about The Pope Leo XIII chapter of NHS.   It’s wonderful how home school study programs just keep getting better and better.

And so today as we bid farewell to Summer, we also celebrate my father in law’s 92nd birthday!   Such longevity, good health and out-living his 8 siblings.  The German heritage and tenacity is certainly persistent in this fellow.  I have always found him to be such a hearty example in both mind, body and soul.  My husband’s family and ancestors are incredible people and I’m so glad to have married into such an excellent clan.  They are an enormous family, extremely prolific and absolutely all related….from here in the Midwest to California, they are one in the same.

Also, keep me in your prayers this Monday,as I do things I need to do, and my son with anxiety must endure.  I pray for his strength and a real miracle that he will stand strong against the anxiety issues he faces, and be courageous and reserved, calm and at peace, that the power of the Holy Spirit and love of Christ will warm and comfort him, and the evil one will not overcome him whatsoever.  In Christ’s name, Amen.


Chris said...

God bless your year!!

WOw 19 years...good for you! Great post...thanks, Denise

Chris said...

...and yes, prayers for your son....

and you.


Home School Mom: Denise said...

Thank you Chris! Things worked out for me with my son -- I do realize my limitations, you know I'm a goer goer goer ..LOL...I don't let moss beneath me that's for sure, and I get impatience sometimes that my one child just can't get on board for things, and I have to really push and prod!! The episode for which I needed prayers, worked out, praise God :) God bless you my friend on your new adventure with Kevin and your own schooling as well! xoxox