St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Three weeks down….who’s counting?

And so here we are approximately thee weeks into our home school, and our co-op.  I made an edit on my Friday Daybook post, as I forgot to include a few important classes the children participate in at our local co-op this year.

First, I want to thank the fine mothers who volunteer to share their talents and know-how for such courses.


My youngest son is delighting in taking American Sign Language with a real specialist in it.  Two actually.  They are doing such a great job of teaching two groups of K-3rd, and 4-6th. 

This son is also taking an earth Science course, right now covering atmosphere (weather systems); and has learned so much already.


I somehow forgot to add our oldest son’s ACT Test Prep course to my Friday Daybook ramblings also.  The mother leading this is such an expert in ACT prep.  Her older daughters did AMAZING on the ACT tests, and this mom is using her favorite resource for success for the students and I’m thrilled my son is able to take this class.  I just thought of this course as my son was doing the homework for it, and I was grading it.  I thought how marvelous it is he is doing this and how the instruction will benefit him so much.  I know he can do excellently, IF his anxiety doesn’t get in the way. It likely won’t take place until fall of the next school year. So we have time. Thus far, in home school this son has done very well indeed; an A on his first geometry test,(Euclidean geometry – not just any geometry);  A on first Latin test, A on first religion essay….he’s off to a great start!

His little brother is quick behind on……A on his first Saxon Math test!..and A on his first science test. 

After home schooling for 19 years, it doesn’t get more exciting than this!  It’s really exhilarating (and down right nerdy, eh?) to enjoy and marvel in every detail of their learning.  One is reading Farmer Boy, Laura Ingalls Wilder, and one is reading the authentic Iliad, Homer….it thrills my heart with deep satisfaction that they are learning in deep layers and thriving. After all, this is all I do raising our children and teaching them….our life is all about education in this home.

God bless you with a beautiful home school year!

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