St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Monday, October 01, 2007

The Heaven Meme

My friend Esther* has tagged me for this Heaven Meme. I think Esther had a beautiful discourse on this one question meme! Inspiring!

It begins:

St. Julian of Norwich describes heaven as a place of "eternal joy". She explains: "But we are not blessedly safe, possessing our endless joy, until we are all in peace and in love, that is to say wholly contented with God and with all his works and with all his judgments, and loving and content with ourselves and with our fellow Christians and with everything which God loves, as is pleasing to love."

This meme has one question:

How do you envision heaven?

...I envision heaven as the final and eternal rest and refreshment from this race of life! Mother Teresa said "there will be time to sleep in heaven" - referring to the fact that right now, here on earth we need to work!.....I look forward to that sleeping in.....and lots of time to talk and visit with my family and friends...."time" is also something there will be plenty of!

Peter Kreeft's book on heaven comes to mind (I'll post it later); I remember reading it a number of years ago and I remember it answered a lot of questions from a theological view - but in the end, we really don't know alot about what heaven will be, we just know it is promised to us by our Lord and I think this again is a place of "trust", as we must trust Him in all things, we must trust his gift of Heaven to us, that He knows what is good and right for us, and what will be our reward for staying close to Him while here.

This is a great and deep Meme, so I tag anyone who ventures this way reading this. Just leave me a comment if you can that you're going to do this meme also. I'd love to read your thoughts on it.

Bless you!

*As I'm blogging from my email today and haven't a way to insert a link right now, you can visit Esther and her great blog and post on this Heaven Meme at:

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Esther said...

Good response Denise! I'm glad you posted this. One thing I forgot to mention in my post is that I can't wait to hold the Baby Jesus in my arms.
God bless,