St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
Photocopy c. 2013 Jamie Laubacher

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The business of "Busy"

Busy, is probably an understatement. Frantically busy is probably more descriptive of what I've been these days. I can't even begin to explain the schedule we've kept the last couple months. But just to give you a glimpse: a visitor from Maine - my daughter's friend, Presidential Scholarship competition for our daughter, student art shows, college visits, trying to finish up this school season and plan the next; preparing my parish school of religion class for First Communion (the Sunday after Easter; this means practice and photos the Saturday morning before that Sunday, not to mention Confirmation practice this Sunday, then it happens the Saturday after Easter, before the Sunday of First Communion...hahaha - big weekend there for many families). Then a May Crowning. Oh, and my daughter's last piano recital as she is a graduating senior this year...Yes, so that means: senior pictures, graduation Mass, graduation party.....You get the picture :)

Busy is good, right!?   Well, at least spring is here. Although it's been pretty rainy here lately (sigh), I can't complain too much, today has been clear (but cool). There are plenty of flowers and trees budding. And we've been able to open the windows for lovely fresh air. It's a good sign.

Back again to blogging, but sporatically at best.

Blessings to all!


Megan@TrueDaughter said...

Wow - your blogging has actually become prolific, rather than sporadic! Love it - and I love when my life sounds calm, though I know you must be ready for a break!

Home School Mom: Denise said...

haha! I think we are equally busy and going out of out of our minds!! I'm finding more freedom with my Netbook - it's portable and with wireless it's so easy to just pop on and off it -- the blogging began many years ago as my relief effort - just something small and inexpensive to do at home for fun and frolic :) So, here we are now.....Happy blogging!