St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Friday, April 08, 2011

Walking on Sunshine



Remember that old song from the 80s: Walking on Sunshine..?  Yeh, that’s what I hope to be doing soon!  I don’t think I’ve encountered a longer winter, darker days or such difficulty in the transition from winter to “real” spring.  Even so, I still am sticking to my goals for education, family and remodeling here….I’m still dreaming of brighter days and planning, planning, planning. 

This year, I’ve hoped to end our school in late April.  It does seem early…but exactly what I’ve hoped for and planned, and it is starting to look like it will happen.  My 1st grader is pretty much done.  He’s had a long rigorous year with good milestones reached and skills achieved.  His diagnosis with high functioning autism and the options suggested for him have greatly helped me put into place his own personal student education plan (SEP) and I’m still fine-tuning it for the next education season…although some of it will continue through the summer (his speech therapy).  And my sixth grader is beginning to finish up some subjects as well and seeing “last chapters” in many of his textbooks.  Our high school senior daughter has polished off two courses with excellent grades and is steadying growing closer to the end – and her courses are deep, tough and college preparatory, which is what we want out of high school home schooling.  Whether they are going to college or not, it’s just my heartfelt opinion they should receive a college preparatory course of studies in their home school; it will either give them the best at the end of their educational years, or give them the best start and advantage as they enter college level work. 

So, we finish off school, enjoy the Easter season ahead while beginning to remodel our attic and get ready to celebrate the graduation of our daughter, and the marriage of a nephew and many other graduations and confirmations and first communions in this season ahead!  Amen to that!  Rainbow


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