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St Gabriel Windows
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Friday, April 08, 2011

Frivilous Friday - More of my Favorite Things

Being a home school family brings with it both joy and serious responsbility, exhaustion and frustration, usually rolled all into one, and alot of  "in home" time.  How do I manage to stay sane you ask?  How do I organize, take care of the education, the needs of the household in general and still find time for myself?  One thing that tends to turn interested moms off from home school is the idea of having their children with them for such an enormous time throughout the days and weeks, with no "mom" time of their own.  Everyone needs a break - true.  It does help to relieve the stress and refresh one's self.  In my corner of the world, it is hard to get away.  There are reasons I am not able to stray too far from home at this point in my life, so I make "happy moments" in the abode I call home.  This amounts to small things that delight me daily and that I use in my daily round.

There are items I use such as my Acer Aspire Netbook  that keep me mobile and happy and in touch with what's out there.  It sits comfortably on my lap and sits nicely by the phone for safe keeping.  Mine is Teal colored - and I love that color. 

Coffee.  Need I say more?!  ha ha :)  I need a cup in the morning for sure - and a cup in the afternoon when I take a much needed break.  My favorite coffee is Main Street Blend from Giant Eagle's line Market District.  It's a lovely perfect blend.   Try it!  You'll like it too -- if you are a coffee drinker like me!

Coffee cup

Coffee Maker with a Timer: my lastest one is a small Mr. Coffee with a timer; I find the timer to be so helpful.  I can wake up and drag myself downstairs and find my already made pot waiting for me.  Ahhh....well, I could you a new one - I'm eyeing the KitchenAid one.…a little pricey……Mother’s Day?

A Debit Card.  Yes, it is a perk I enjoy because it is fast and helpful when I am generally in a hurry and/or with children.  I spend so much time in "writing" mode, it's nice to "swipe" instead.  The debit card also helps keep our budget in check.

Flirt female

Beauty staples; I don't have time to fuss or experiment, and with really sensitive skin and eyes, I stick to what works and doesn't cause allergic problems - especially for my eyes that have grown more sensitive with my thryroid difficulties:

Covergirl Advanced Radiance foundation in Buff Beige - now you know my anti-aging secret - this foundation is absolutely perfect and indespensible for my skin - the color is exact.  And I can afford it.  Sorry Estee :)

Clinique Brush-On Cream liner in Smokey Gray (it's waterproof, and although it takes a little more effort to apply it, it NEVER runs, smears or irritates my eyes - will last all day without irritation)

Clinique Mascara in High Impact or High Definition - gentle on my eyes, last all day and while it costs more than drugstore brands it's worth it because I avoid the flare-ups I get using something irritating. 

Lipstick:  when I use a tube to pop in my purse, I use my favorite Clinique Bamboo Pink -- it's the perfect shade - pretty much universal for everyone - for everyday use.

Philosophy Supernatural Coloring Book Palette - a few great colors for eyes, cheeks, and lips in one little compact -- helps add some color to my otherwise very fair skin, and doesn't irritate my skin or eyes.
Red heart

Philosophy Amazing Grace and Pure Grace for both bathing and just smelling good (I like the soaps) and wow, do they ever refresh and revive my senses whether an early morning shower or a late at night bath -- I love good smells - they are very therapeutic for me -- but I have some allergy problems with perfumes, and these scents do not bother me.  If anything, they improve me!  And that's saying a lot - some days I need a lot of improvement!

Mood: Note
I usually listen to the classical music station all day - but every now and then I have to listen to John Fogerty, whether it's vintage CCR or his own solo work.  Have you Ever Seen the Rain?, or Change in the Weather, do my heart good.  Have you ever noticed how many weather or in particular "rain" songs John wrote?  Hmm....??
So, there you have it ~ I hope some of my favorites can become some of your favorites too! Princess


scmom (Barbara) said...

We have a nice Cuisinart coffee maker that has a timer, but not quite so pricey. It filters the water too.

Good coffee is really mandatory for homeschooling, isn't it (she says as she sips her second afternoon cup!)?

Denise said...

Yes, mandatory is right! hehee :) thanks for the Cuisinart tip - I like!

Megan@TrueDaughter said...

Ah yes, a good coffee maker, and for me, Pandora - makes a great combo and keeps me in a decent mood. When I am cooking I tend to turn on my little kitchen TV and watch FoxNews and yell at the stupid guys on the TV, and get mad, so then, back to Pandora I go.
Thanks Denise - nice post, and sort of a change up for you!

Denise said...

Megan, I love your little tv in the kitchen - I'd be watching the news too!