St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Projects for Children and Traveling Light :)

Our youngest son began reading a cute little storybook series called; Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown.  Here is the original book below:

In talking to  friend of mine that I grew up with and attended both grade school and high school, she mentioned that her daughter did a project with the Flat Stanley notion – they made flat images of themselves and they got mailed around the country – different people hosting them.  Thus was born Flat Mark:
So far Flat Mark has been in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Idaho and Kansas and his travels have just begun.  We receive sightings of him on Facebook and are sent postcards and memorabilia of his travels that we can scrapbook.  He travels light, so he’s really no fuss!
I will blog periodically regarding his journey, but for now here are some highlights of his latest travels:
flatmarkcactus                     FlatMarkbloomcactus
Sacramento State Capitol                                  Beautiful cacti!
FlatMarkSacCapital              FlatMarkwSnail
Flat Mark and Flat Lisa visiting a lovely garden in Sacramento.

Flat Mark with his friend Flat Lisa visiting a beautiful art gallery of sculptured foods!

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