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St Gabriel Windows
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thoughts of Comfort and Joy, Questions and Answers

So many possibilities lie ahead in this new year. I love to start afresh - don't we all? Last year was a more stressful year for myself personally and my entire family, including the family of my husband. Some years are like that, aren't they? But now, we can begin again in many ways...not necessarily with resolutions, however, they are good and sometimes essential motivators in our lives. But how about "changes of heart", "changes of attitude", "changes of betterment"?

I adore the gift given to me several years ago from a close friend - and I've mentioned it before: The Simple Abundance: Daybook of Comfort and Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach. How I enjoy beginning at the beginning of that book each new year with the entry date: January 1st. The first entry for that day states:

"There are years that ask questions and years that answer." ~Zora Neal Hurston

I recognize that I've had such years. I recognize that currently I am now in the answering years for the most part, although some new questions have arisen. I'm grateful that I can even venture to blogging after the  several tough years with my 10 yr 12 yr old diagnosed with OCD (and my 8 yr old diagnosed with high functioning autism a year ago).. I haven't much time unto myself. It's a very disciplined life, not having time to oneself and instead giving each day for the sake of another's time and needs; not to be mistaken for the general wife, mother, homeschooling lifestyle. No, this is a call of duty that while a part of the aforementioned, is also a rise above the call of duty. It is exhausting, but also loving as it is part and parcel of what God has called me to in my family, and particularly with this one child that suffers from extreme anxiety.. But this morning, it's okay - I'm enjoying perhaps a fleeting moment of space that is mine. In this space I meditate on today's gospel, and while my Daybook of Comfort & Joy is at my side, and I love it very much, my Magnificat prayer book is most likely my true daybook of comfort and joy - but I find I need a lot to keep me focused and afloat these challenging days...years....

Comfort and joy....I wish for you this year, and an abundance of grace and peace to face all we humans must face with each new year. I hope for you that this year ahead will be a year of "answers" for you and positive transformations.

God bless you!

By the way, you can download as an e-book, the Daybook of Comfort and Joy at the link I provided (which I am very excited about now that I have a NOOK Color coming for Christmas) :)


scmom (Barbara) said...

Happy New Year, Denise. Wishing you many blessings this year.

Denise said...

Thanks so much Barbara - wishing you and yours a very happy new year!

ls said...

Hello my friend - always my most loyal blog friend and commenter :o). It was so good to see your comment on my revived blog! And so comforting to find you still here in this spot, writing such edifying things. I loved this post. I started last year with more questions but ended with some answers. So good to reconnect with you!

ls said...

oh forgot to sign my name on my comment- that it was me - Lynn. Just saw your avon button. My favorite face stuff is from avon (anew) so I'll order from you when I need more! Yeah