St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The real Twelve Day of Christmas...Christmastide

I am so glad to be a Christian celebrating the fullness of the Christmas season and teaching my children the same. While the secular world is tossing out the Christmas decor and making a mad dash to the malls and stores for exchanges and the best buys of the year, we are basking in the graces of the best season of the year which start right now...on Christmas day and for the next week and a half up through the Feast of the Epiphany, the crowning jewel day on the Christmastide season. I am glad to be able to shut out the secular world's idea of Christmas which largely consists of materialism and secular songs and parties, and teach my children the real depth and breadth of a most beautiful liturgical season. Jesus, Our Lord and Savior born into the family of mankind, and the events of his early life and what those events mean for us.

One of the things I love the most about my Catholic faith is all the spiritual helps the church gives to the peoples to help them on their journey of faith in this life. The beauty and awe of the Christmas season is just one of those -- a strong message against a highly unChristian secular world that presses hard against us and our families.

So, please do check out the Twelve days of Christmas and know it is not simply a fun holiday song. It is a spiritual renewal of Christian belief and spiritual enrichment; a beautiful worshipful time in honor of our Lord and the life he gave for us.

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