St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
Photocopy c. 2013 Jamie Laubacher

Friday, June 24, 2011

Frivolous Friday

Yes, it’s another one of those Fridays….

How about things that I really like right now:

My Acer Aspire Netbook – love it, decided I can’t live without it, and I’m not big on technology as it is :)

Special K Strawberry Cereal – It’s just got flavor ya know, and it makes me trick myself into thinking I’m losing weight….er ahem *cough cough*

Aussie Moisture Shampoo – in that really beautiful purple bottle, for an inexpensive price – I love the smell, it somehow makes the mornings happier

Instant Pudding Pie Recipe (any brand) I’ve been doing vanilla or chocolate; lately I’ve been making this sweet fast dessert – a cream pie with chocolate shavings on top.  You need instant pudding (3.4 oz) 1 cup of milk, mix them together quickly, add 1 1/2 cups of cool whip, blend thoroughly and gently spread into a pie pan (or round glass pan, which is what I use), over broken coarse graham crackers that you already have at the bottom of the pan.  Shave chocolate on top – I use semi-sweet baking chocolate in blocks……Refrigerate….very pretty and very light and yummy….I think Banana instant pudding would be good – (and perhaps added real banana fruit)

That’s my short list this time ~ have a great Friday where ever you are!

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