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St Gabriel Windows
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Friday, June 17, 2011

Social things.....

Last I checked in, I was working on Social Stories.....we covered Bullying thoroughly, wow, it was very interesting and very good to learn.  Now Mark needs practice - we role play, which is full of giggles, but I hate to see him have to do this in reality -- be bullied to get the practice and point in.  Another area is "helping"..he just doesn't get it most of the time, but we wrote a social story with him in it, "helping".  Hopefully it will spark his memory and actions.

We spent the afternoon at the library for a program and it was so fun, a magician, and he was very good and very good with the children.  The theme is traveling around the world for the summer.  Both my youngest are going weekly and it's pretty exciting.  It's good for Michael, although the first time there he was absolutely in full OCD fret mode....soon it subsided and he was able to participate fully.  That's a good reason to keep going!  It's good for him.

Our local homecoming festival is in full swing, having begun with our downtown parade on Wednesday; I sat with our Mayor's wife, (she's our neighbor) and chatted and enjoyed a fun time.  Mark and Michael stood watching the sights and collecting the candy as it was thrown.  The best float was for the local laundry-mat - of all things...a bubble machine, Don Henley's "Dirty Laundry" song and a washer in the middle of it all with someone coming up out of it on occasion -- very well done!  

In a couple weeks I'm going to be trying Mark at his first official swim lessons ever.  It took me this long because of Michael and his difficulties...long story....but I can only do so many things, and a mother attending a swim lesson I think is a mother thing to do, so I didn't feel right about sending Mark with someone else, especially due to his autism.  So, it's local, and we will give it a try -- if it works out, I'll sign him on for another session.

So now, we continue with major house clearing/cleaning, painting, fixing and remodeling our third story.  So far, so good, but in the background I'm preparing for school, keeping it in mind as I move things around this house, and preparing for our daughter to head off to college in the Fall.  Never a dull moment, although I could use some lazy ones.......

Have a great weekend wherever you are and whatever you are doing...


Megan@TrueDaughter said...

The library was fun, wasn't it? And Mike seemed perfect there, today. WE are skipping swimming next week, I think, but back at it the week after that! See ya around lots this summer!

Home School Mom: Denise said...

Yes, it was and I'm hoping to keep Mike going for as long as it's lasting...We start the swimming on June 27 -- then I'll see how it goes for Mark, and if well, we will have put him on for another week too. I have an important appt for Mike next week (Monday), dental appts Friday and a wedding I thought I'd spread things out when I can.

Is is officially SUMMER for you all there yet?! I guess it is for us, but I'm still doing summer curriculum homework - nothing too major, as I've done 7th and 2nd before a few times now, but just seeing what needs tweaked here and there :) Have a great day!