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Monday, June 06, 2011

A mother’s heart and mind…

It’s been busy as usual in our household, having a homeschool graduate and getting ready for a graduation party in her honor.  Where have the years gone?  Sometimes, it seems so surreal to me.  While I enforce keeping the secular world “out there”, and  continue to nurture a domestic church within our home, home schooling and family life, I am both pleased with our outcomes at this point, but also very much on alert as the dynamics of our home continues to change.  With a set of older children now being more involved with the “out there”, but using good commonsense and keeping their faith lives active, I am on guard for the younger ones still very much in formative years in faith matters and character – virtue building; I don’t want to lose ground with our standards in place.  I have a reason for why not this…?…and why can’t we see this…?…or do that?….. I appeal to their good senses with clear reasons and how it ties in with their Christian upbringing.  Fight the good fight, is something I constantly keep in mind.  At times, I pray for the grace and strength myself, to do so….as I am growing older and I do not want to feel or be disconnected from my brood.  Eleven more years of home schooling……seems daunting, but where has the time gone already??…so quickly…. I consider my time with them short.  And now with a couple special needs children I feel I am needed more than ever.  I also feel that God gave me 14 years of home schooling under my belt before introducing me to this zinger!…I am trusting he will also give me the graces needed to see it through, and speak intelligently to specialists and therapists and doctors in the years to come about our conviction to home school for as long as we are able and can.  God-willing. 

Oremus pro invicem! 

God bless you!


Megan@TrueDaughter said...

We have been having quite a number of battles around here about what is on the TV and other things with the older girls home. They have become sort of uber-secular, if you get my meaning, which frustrates me. They are both of a mind that they can make choices for my young ones - not so! I had to make them turn things off twice in one day. Luke woke up last night with a nightmare, woke the baby up, etc. Today, Liz was letting him watch some scary show that she thought was just fine. I don't like having to justify my choices to them.
I am sure the next 11 years will fly by as well. They may seem even faster, as you will have more components to your schooling than ever before. More appointments, etc. I look around here, and wonder if I can do it for that long. I know that if we were in North Canton or someplace with better choices, it would be hard for me to continue homeschooling. I think I would have my kids in that Montessori school if it were in any way possible. But, for now it is not.
We'll be at Jamie's party, with bells on! Can't wait! Please let me know if there is anything I can do!

Home School Mom: Denise said...

You know I love Montessori, and it would probably be my first choice in an institution of education, but I will admit I love home schooling more and being able to adjust and control and design to meet their individual needs and in my case disorders at this point. It's probably not a good statement on my behalf but if the best parochial school opened up right across the street, I feel deeply while it would be hard, we'd still homeschool...(it would be hard because we would know great families like yours might be there!)...I think you can bloom where you're planted and use the resources you do have - which of course you are doing - Uh, how did we end up in this location anyway!?! lol! Definitely NOT in the mix of things which can be both good and bad!
My Michael is so sensitive to TV material, graphics, (even games,Wii, DS, etc.) that we have to watch those things carefully, and limit his play -- or nightmares start and in his case, it can be over the silliest things too...that would be no big deal for another child. But let's face it, there are some pretty creepy things on TV, ads and ads for shows that are just terrible for children to see -- makes me mad - surely they know children are in the livingroom! Keep up the vigilance -- I think the older ones forget so easily and are so much more desensitized to things now. We are good with Jamie's party, but if I need something/help I will yell! Thanks so much, Denise

Home School Mom: Denise said...

oh and hey, on my blog at the bottom of posts, what is this +1? that says click here to publicly +1 this? Do you know? Thanks for any info!

scmom (Barbara) said...

Time does fly, Denise, in the most ordinary ways. Suddenly big changes -- new beginnings. I am down to one little student at home. My two older sons have graduated high school and now my third son starts at the all-boys Catholic school where the others (and my husband) went. He is ready -- I am getting some serious authority bucking at home and he will now learn that I am not the only authority in the world. Ha!

With just my daughter at home now I am feeling very free about making choices -- our activities only have to suit one personality, one grade. Yay! I am looking forward to seeking out some outsiders to enhance her education -- maybe a foreign language tutor in the future. I am excited about school again. It's amazing how new beginnings look so different. I hope you get some great advice for your students and with a fresh start those eleven years fly by with great pleasure!

Home School Mom: Denise said...

Thanks Barbara, I needed to hear this! I'm so happy for you to have a new beginning too with school and the home dynamics -- you are fortunate to have a wonderful school for your boys there that has a track record with your family. I remember you mentioned one of your sons w/OCD at one time and I'm wondering how he's doing now? My almost 12 yr old is still struggling with it, but growing and moving forward in productive ways; he finally just took off with literature reading and is ready like crazy, catching up with everything he missed when he couldn't focus due to ruminating thoughts...I'm excited for him this year ahead and working more with my autistic son and getting his language expression therapy underway ....I bet it might be raining in your part of Ohio (O_o)! It is here, very dark and stormy -- and our son at UMU on 91.1 FM right now is constantly updating the weather! It's very unstable - stay safe there - many thanks!