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St Gabriel Windows
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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Favorite things…

Yes, it’s that time again……somewhere in between seasons I tend to latch on to new favorite things; old favorites are still a part of my life, but because of friends and family (who adorn me with gifts and gift cards and you know, generally spoil me)…I discover new favorites.

I am Caucasian, my friends can attest to this, and blonde…sometimes my hair is dumb blonde and fried….it’s thin and fragile (more so as I age, and now if part because of my thyroid difficulty).  I was SO thrilled, while looking for a hair and scalp elixir to come across Carol’s Daughter products.  I first saw them at Macy’s, but soon discovered them in many other locations (,  This line is primarily for women of color hair, but I am using two of their awesome products, and LOVE the hair transformation and the luscious vanilla fragrance.  The line is Black Vanilla, (leave in hair moisturizer), and another is Lisa’s Hair Elixir, hair and scalp treatment (smells great!) which both my daughter and I are loving.  What I like most is it is ALL NATURAL oils, and yet, they don’t weigh your hair down or make them oily.  Nothing silicone. Check out Carol’s Daughter yourself.



Something I don’t own, but might consider in the future, was something my brother was giving away as gifts to his in laws and our mother.  The Keurig coffee system.  Wow, I stopped at my mom’s and she brewed me up a cup of Paul Newman’s Extra bold Roast and I was in heaven.  She made hot cocoa for my son and he was loving it, because when we go shopping at the local grocer, he always has to buy some hot chocolate at the machine in the store. 

My mom’s model is this one:  Special Edition brewing system

Maybe something to consider for the future – I love my Cuisinart coffee maker but something like this might be easy for all my children to use and be more self-sufficient with – making cider and tea and hot chocolate of their choice.  I’m all for self-sufficiency! 

Another fav these days (maybe I already posted it), is simply WATER.  But not just any water, it’s sparkling water, from Deer Park.   I am easily dehydrated and grow tired of drinking regular water, so when I discovered Sparkling lightly flavored water I was thrilled.  Now I drink it regularly and it doesn’t grow boring :)

  More Favs later!


Megan@TrueDaughter said...

The Keurig coffee makers make my heart go pitter pat. While the units themselves can be pricey, it is a one time expense. The thing that holds me back are the K cups for it - super duper expensive even when compared to a good coffee. Otherwise, I would have one by now!

Home School Mom: Denise said...

I know Megan, those little K-cups and the way I really go through coffee (a pot of it) would probably run up a bill! I'm perfectly happy with how I'm doing coffee now, and the store bought regular line coffees are fine with me :)