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St Gabriel Windows
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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Here’s the thing….

…politics.  We have been having a heated discussion in our home about the Republican candidates and on-going caucuses.  It is so great to hear my nearly 21 year old son stay informed and have opinions about those running.  This young man listens to talk radio and maintains a subscription to TIME magazine, attempting to stay up on current events. He will be exercising his right to vote this time around. 

All this chatter just reminds me of how engrained it is in me to vote for a candidate that expresses my value system.  He or she must be pro-life, pro-family, pro-man/woman in the sacrament of marriage. This is why I could not vote for any one other than a Republican as they have been the pro-life party for many years now.  Doesn’t matter to me if they are Catholic, but Christian principles that were respected and held basically in common that our Founding Fathers professed must be present and acted upon…and upheld.  I just can not stand for anything less.  I truly believe that when a nation gets a grip, has leadership that maintains its morality and value system with biblical principles then government needn’t feel the need to “save” everyone with more government programs and interventions.  At least, I’m hearing a few candidates speak thus….Rick Santorum for one.  

So, it will be interesting to see history unfold in the months ahead and know that we as Americans are very much a part of the system.  I am grateful for any man or woman who exerts their effort in leadership of this great country, and grateful that we have the freedom to cast our vote and be heard.

God bless America – God bless you!


Megan@TrueDaughter said...

Indeed. I have been a Santorum supporter for years. People tend to not understand where he is coming from, and that bothers me. The guy is solid...really solid. I haven't gotten too involved in a campaign since GWB, but you bet your sweet bippy we'll be in this one! It SO needs to happen. How in earth is God going to continue to bless this nation when it is so very, very pro-death? I can't wait! I think it's gonna be great. People are starting to wake up.

Home School Mom: Denise said...

You know I read Letters to Gabriel years ago...and it just never occurred to me this was the father..the man in the story, until this time around. I am so slow catching on sometimes!...Praying this nation is really taken over by God in a big way this election!