St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

And so it comes to an end…’til next year…

Today we had a lovely outing at a park with our home school co-op group.  Primarily, it was distribute the class roster lists/money to the “coaches” of next years classes; and it’s a great way to get the kids together to visit and for we moms to chat a bit.

Next year I’ll be doing music again with the K-3 bunch, and Lego Learning Club with the 4-6th.  There may be a more informal morning Lego club with any 7th and up that have to be there earlier and wait it out because of younger siblings classes.  Overall, it’s looking nice, with my 14 yr old taking Technical Drawing and Algebra Word problems (exciting, eh? LOL, well, he thinks so!)  And our youngest doing the Lego club and geography, crafts. 

Meanwhile, with our Modg program, my oldest will be doing an LS class on line, Fine Arts HS.  LS = Learning Support, on line class through Adobe connect. This is where the student enters a virtual classroom with others and has a teacher; using a headset for ears and microphone for speaking.  This is a course that is half music appreciation of the great composers and half art appreciation with the great masters.  This will give him his high school fine arts credit.  His brother and sister before him did art and music, so they had lessons they went through that we documented independently; but as each child is different, we need to take a different route with this one.  He is more about science and math rather than fine arts.  I think this will be very suitable for him.


So, we are nearing the end of our school year.  I speak with our educational consultant tonight and by Friday, we will be finished.  Michael is finishing up the last bit of Algebra, and then the test and assessment follow.  Then he is a free bird!

It’s been a very productive year!  Michael did an enormous amount of challenging work and is definitely ready for the rigors of high school.  Mark is ready to move on to fourth grade.  He aced his CAT test in math – and got above average in all language categories.  Not too bad for an autism spectrum child!  I’m awaiting Michael’s CAT results as well.

In the meantime, I’m in clearing, cleaning, re-organizing mode!  I’m posting an old shot of a shelf below…..and a little more tidied up one!


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