St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Monday, June 24, 2013

Busy Monday …counting blessings

A summer Monday. Hot, humid, with the chance of afternoon thunderstorms.  Yep, that sounds like where I live :)

Today,  we’re off for appointments.  Important stuff indeed.  My OCD son meets again with his new therapist, who he will be seeing much more often, like every three weeks (rather than every couple months as in the past).  She has some different techniques and methods she is applying to our son in order to challenge him more (gently of course), but not that gently.  Hope that makes sense.  He has done some monumental things lately, and I hope that continues in the positive direction it seems to be heading.  It is always a challenge to deal with him daily, although we might come across as perfectly normal and calm!  It’s just not true – LOL.  Seriously, he is a joy, and so intelligent and lively, but ever so challenging due to this terrible distracting disorder.  I thank God for therapy and medication in his case as the benefits have been large, although slow at times…but giving much needed stability.

Also, both my youngest sons suffer from sensory issues also, that vary; this little chart below gives some details on that disorder:

172417_189354417753217_189021081119884_509865_2177503_o (1)

And so, in the midst of caring for the family, perusing new catechetical textbooks for the parish program and preparing for Vacation Bible School, I continue to train for my new job position, and it’s really going well. I talk with my trainer this Wednesday, after a lot of webnar work and tests, and database studies. Wednesday is my birthday, and what better way to spend part of it but in training for a job I’m very excited about and grateful to have been hired for!! I feel very blessed Angel  I so fully believe in this home school organization, I looked to them first for work as I felt I wanted to give back to them after all these years of support and success in our own home schooling with them.  I am grateful and in awe at how God has blessed us in this journey.  I want to help other families enjoy the same success and benefits in their home school endeavors.

And so, begins a busy day…..well, after another cup of coffee.  Coffee cup

God bless!

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Kim said...

Sounds busy indeed! Sending prayers your way!