St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Milestones, new jobs and celebrations

Oh, the developmental stages children reach ~ there is much to be celebrated with such milestones and for good reason.  The child is proud, the parents are proud.  This is especially true if you have a delayed child or one with some kind of disorder that causes them to lag behind their peer mates.  First, it’s always good to find out what is going on, not just self-screen or diagnose the child on your own. I think we owe it to our children to seek professionals on such serious matters as development, after all they will have to deal with the consequences of our current decisions the remainder of their lives.  And next, it’s essential to work on those areas whether that means one-on-one at home base with consistency, or outside therapies once a diagnosis is made and recommendations come forth.

We have been a busy little family this last month in many areas: Graduations, finishing school, family birthdays, house repairs – lots of reorganizing, de-cluttering, painting, carpeting, and sorting the three enormous book shelves in this house!!…you name it, and lots of social occasions with family & friends – throw in a wedding, always a challenge to my special needs children, but something they enjoy until they meltdown!!  Now we continue with house re-doing, prepare for VBS for our parishes’ children, and mom with catechetical issues (new parish textbooks, scheduling for the year ahead),  and newsflash: mom got a job!!  that she is now training for!  Yes!  More on that later….


Front of college literary publication, my son’s art work; inside more artwork as he placed second in the art competition, and my daughter won with her poetry in this publication, and two of her photographs were published as well.

This last month has brought a few milestones through our children with disorders.  Those stars out on the horizon, those goals that we hoped to reach “some day”, …well, a couple came true and oh how they sparkle!  Yes, sometimes it takes months, and sometimes, years, many years, in the making.  If there is one thing I’ve learned by helping my children with these difficulties, it’s patience; patience, and not to assume anything!  That what seemed impossible at one time, will likely be surmountable given time and patience.   Take heart in that if you are the parent of a struggling young child.

And so, while a very ordinary day to another may seem just that: ordinary - to we, the parents of challenged children, it can be extraordinary.  Things that parents take for granted in their children, become those bright shining stars of success in the anxiety ridden child, or child on the autism spectrum. 

This week I pray with gratefulness and in awe at how amazing God has worked in our lives just even this last month, particularly my own life. The few milestones that have become precious jewels to us now; and my being hired into an educational organization as a consultant to help guide and mentor other home educating families, all while working at home, is an enormous blessing to myself and own family.  I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I accept it graciously and enthusiastically as a gift from God.

Make it a great Tuesday!!



Chris said...

What a great, news-y, upbeat and fun post!

Congrets to your son on having his artwork selected for the literary mag cover! Wow, that's some accomplishment!

Your little guy is adorable and BTW I love your new FB profile pic. I never got to tell you that.

I clicked to your guitar songs on the right. Pretty cool; I'll share with my Timmy is taking guita r now too and he's pretty good!! I wish you could hear him and maybe give him some tips! He has been trying to learn "Horse with no Name" and "Crocodile Rock," which his teacher told him is really just the C ( or G? ) progression...I don't know what that is, being a keyboard person....but it does sound Crocodile Rock-ish! He's only had 3 lessons but he loves his teacher...a man from our parish who really is a sweetheart.
I did not know you played guitar, but I'm not surprised, being the creative-art sy person that I know!

Havea wonderful day, Denise and thanks for sharing your family!!

Allison said...

GREAT to hear/read! God bless!

Home School Mom: Denise said...

Thanks ladies! And Chris, that's great Timmy is taking guitar!...just stick with it ...practice, that is the biggest thing...practice and listening to the guidance of the instructor. I love Horse with no Name, and I remember doing Crocodile Rock but it's been a while! LOL... I had no idea how much my own students would do in the future with guitar!..Gina has far surpassed anything I thought imaginable and I had once thought I would pursue a music career. I still play a lot and am asked for special occasions, local community events, church. It has served me well as I've been able to contribute to my parish program musically and get other young people excited about doing music there. I love Gina's songs Elements (only a video song at Reverbnation), and Cast Off on the playlist. And she's the sweetest Catholic mom to know too:)

Love to all! thanks for dropping by!