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St Gabriel Windows
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Monday, January 13, 2014

Special needs therapy helps for home use

Theory of Mind is a difficult thing to teach –it’s one of those human innate abilities that just comes in the packaging and is activate as one develops and experiences life.  You may be a parent whose child came without that software, such as myself.  And if that’s so, It is a work in progress…it is an every day, every social situation approach; it takes actual teaching and applying.  Besides professional help through therapy, parents do have some options available to them in a home setting.  I always like to share such finds with my readers, because knowledge is power when it comes to helping one’s child in social areas of life.  Another friends recently alerted me to this website, where language pathology helps are available.  Here is a sample of a resource to help forge Theory of Mind:

Practical Theory of Mind Games

There are many other resources at the website that are so helpful for those on the autism spectrum.  You see all available at:


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