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St Gabriel Windows
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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Working at Home, sharing talents, using abilities to serve others

My career background is in executive secretarial functioning, mostly in government and productivity consulting.  Yes, you heard it here: productivity!  I worked for my father’s consulting firm for 17 years during which I did the primary secretarial, data and communications work.  Prior to full time work at the firm, I had worked for one of the governor’s in Utah in state government; I had a wonderful job, in a beautiful building (the state capitol) in the state planning coordinator’s office. I’m not sure why I left that position…in hindsight, I could have and probably should have stayed forever…BUT my entire family had relocated to the midwest, and after a year of being away from them entirely…only visiting during the summer, I decided to take my chances and move out with them.  The rest is history. 

Fast forward to married life and children.  In 1999 I left full time work, when my third child was born and I was heavily into home schooling.  It was the home schooling and having children (although it was mostly the homeschooling) that kept me “home.”  I worked part time typing memos and communications for my family’s company, but really my full fledged work days were over.  I worked for the church – for many years, 22 so far to be exact  -- teaching 2nd grade, helping with youth group, and in more recent years as Director of Religious Education, overseeing all the paperwork for the diocese along with the child protection training (and paperwork, oodles of paperwork), and for that I do get a small volunteer pay monthly.

When I found myself at a point in my life where I could take on part time work again, I certainly looked to where my talents were.  Now, later in my life, with four children and 18 years of home schooling behind us, it made sense  to apply to a work area that would be in line with my background all these years.  I got my resume ready and sent it off.  I had previously been recommended by others working for Modg.  I prayed, God’s will be done.

When I was hired by Mother of Divine Grace as an independent contractor (consultant), it fit me like a glove – all my secretarial background, the work with families, and the experience with home schooling, and being able to work from home, made a perfect pairing.  I am thrilled to be able to use my talents and career skills applied to guiding families with their curriculum, overseeing the record keeping through the marvelous data base functions, and work with others who are walking the same path with home schooling as myself, and higher ups that have been there or are still there – so full of grace and wisdom and encouragement to other mothers.

I know my father, whose company I worked for, for many years, would be proud of how I used my abilities and background for further work.

Lately I’ve been correcting and looking over assessment work from students, and accepting and entering grade reports.  It is very fulfilling to be on the other end of the family, helping to facilitate their record keeping and answering questions, guiding them in this specialized education.  Granted, THEY are the ones that put the work into it.  We are just one of the cogs in the nicely working machinery….when every one does their part, it comes together nicely in a finished product. 

And let me take a moment to add a plug here:  if you haven’t discovered classical education yet in your home school, do investigate.  With all the talk of Common Core alignment and public education …..this education, classical education is ageless…it is not trendy, it is not fleeting, it is NOT secular,…it is an education/formation that transcends the test of time and integrates the most important disciplines of education….and don’t be afraid of Catholic classical, if you are not Catholic – it is solid Christian education.  (a rigorous education heavy on literature, languages, rhetoric and logic….the keys – (a true education is ordered toward God, all disciplines lead to Him ….not just career training).

The biggest blessing I find is that for which you stay open …open to the possibilities.   That God would bless me with work exactly tailored to myself and my family and our lifestyle, is absolutely amazing. I am grateful. Never say never ….with God all things are possible.  And that is TRUTH.  WORD.


Allison said...

God bless you, Denise!

Home School Mom: Denise said...

Thank you Miss Allison!!! :)