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St Gabriel Windows
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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Which Classic Heroine are You?

How fun. My friends all over blogdom are doing this. After taking the quiz, my classic heroine is below. Follow the link below to discover yours.

Elizabeth Bennet

Often called Lizzy, Elizabeth is the heroine of Pride and Prejudice. The second eldest of five sisters, she is witty and intelligent, though her prejudice prevents her from recognizing her true love when he appears. However, Mr. Darcy, though he appears proud, wins her love and respect, but not before she believes she's lost him forever.

Which Classic Heroine are You?


Esther said...

Mahalo Denise. That was fun. I got the same results.
God bless,

Denise said...

LOL! Hey, Esther, we're classic heroine internet twins! Yea! :)


JoAnna said...

Yep, I was Elizabeth, too. LOL!

JoAnna in NC

Denise said...

Classic heroine triplets! :)