St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
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Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Day in the Life of...

It's been an interesting day today. It began with an ambulance on our street, that, along with a village police officer visited three different homes, until it returned back to our neighbor's house again....but we've yet to figure out whom it was for. All our neighbor's are well and accounted for...

I took our 8 year old to his dentist appointment today, and the trip took longer than the appointment! I had just nestled myself into the waiting room chair and picked up a Ladies' Home Journal, (I rarely read mainstream magazines), and I was absolutely indulged in an article on caring for and applying make-up to "older skin"...why!.. all the tips and suggestions were wonderful; pink and beige hues for lids, warm eye-liner pencil (not black), only along the top lid...gray or brownish hues in the crease to deflate any puffiness...did you know that the older woman's eyelids retain fluid more and take longer to look less puffy in the morning? I was learning a lot when suddenly "Michael's Mom!"...rang out in the distance. He was all done and ready to go. I would never learn about the beauty of the mature....but I know "concealer" is a big plus :-)

And then, this evening...we were very involved in literature discussion prior to leaving for the library...I'm sure I will see The Metamorphosis (as in: Franz Kafka, the story of Gregor Samsa awaking one morning to discover he had been transformed into a rather large vermin)...vs. Metamorphoses, (as in: Ovid, the story of King Midas and others) in our home by this evening. Both wonderful stories. And we were recalling the "Georgie" series, by Robert Bright, the olden stories of a little friendy ghost.

I'm thinking: ice cream right now...while I'm still thinking: concealer, and dreaming about my dream make-up.

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