St Gabriel Windows

St Gabriel Windows
Photocopy c. 2013 Jamie Laubacher

Friday, August 10, 2007

Light-Hearted Meme

My friend Lynn tagged me for this meme. I didn't check, but I hope I got the title right! Anyway - here we go!

1a. Describe your outfit.

A beige tee shirt, denim capris, Birkenstock sandals (burgundy leather, Napal style). And right now, (I just washed my hair), a towel turban on my head!

2a. Are you listening to music?

No, no music right now - it's early, and I'm up before the children, and I'm only hearing the hum of the computer and freezer in the kitchen.

b. Was This Intentional?

Not really; usually I switch on public radio and listen to classical music and the morning news.

3a. Describe the objects within arms reach.

At this computer niche there are a couple Marian statues, St Therese, a Longaberger Pumpkin basket with Autumn liner, Avon brochures, a Family Prayer with the Holy Family depicted on it, and several family pictures.

b. Choose one object and tell where you aquired it.

A dried rose sealed in a clear class container was a gift for one of my birthdays, from a friend.

4a. What room are you in?

A part of the diningroom off the kitchen and livingroom.

b. To What extent is it yours?

I spend a lot of schooling time here. The kids usually gather around the diningroom table to begin their day - and have easy access to two computer set ups here. They use them sparingly for school work. I use it for various work, which of course includes their schooling - keeping records and contact. This room is very much mine.

5. What were you doing before starting this post, and what would you like to do next?

I was getting ready for the day - ready to go out grocery shopping, and drinking coffee - trying to wake up.

I tag anyone in a light-hearted mood!
You're IT!

1 comment:

Lynn said...

Thanks Denise for going along :o)
You're an interesting woman, did you know that?
hugs and prayers